The 2015 All in WDW Epcot International Food & Wine Pre-Festival Top 25! – Part I

My friends, each and every year, these (today and tomorrow’s) posts are my very favorite ones to write.

Mrs. All in WDW and I … we just love Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival.  And, I … well, I relish in every chance to write about its culinary magnificence.

Without further delay, let’s meet the bottom portion of the 2015 All in WDW Epcot International Food & Wine Pre-Festival Top 25!

25 – Seared Venison Loin (New Zealand)

I have to admit … when my good friend, Dennis Conroy, found South Korea’s Kimchi Dog at The Outpost, I was very tempted to drop this “deer” from my list.  But, then, I thought, what’s Food & Wine without expanding your horizons?

24 – Ricotta & Zucchini Ravioli (Sustainable Chew)

Honestly, sounds a bit boring … to me, at least.  Otherwise, it might have landed higher on my list.  The fact is, I decided early on that every Chew savory-style dish would hit my Top 25.  Oops.  Let that “cat” out of the bag.

23 – Yuca Soufflé topped with Griddled Cheese (Dominican Republic)

I’m going to miss Greece’s griddled cheese.  I really am.  Yuca is a yam-like root vegetable.  You could argue that it sounds boring too, but, hey, it includes griddled cheese.  How can I say ‘no’ to that?

22 – Grilled Sweet and Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp (Australia)

Shockingly, Australia’s shrimp almost didn’t make my menu this year.  The fact that Epcot changed its recipe “saved” it.  I’ve mentioned it before … I like shrimp.  I don’t like the fact that you have to get your fingers “dirty”.  You have to pull off the tails.

21 – Seared Grouper (Dominican Republic)

In my first draft of this year’s Top 25, this dish was much higher on my list.  I experienced grouper, for the first time, at Old Key West’s Gurgling Suitcase, however, and I found it to taste quite strong.  Let’s see if that was a fluke.

20 – Pork Spareribs (Sustainable Chew)

I’m imagining one bone with a meager amount of meat.  I hope I’m wrong, but, in my experience, “sparerib” can equal a lot of money for a little bit of food.

19 – Layered Meat Pie with Mashed Yucca (Brazil)

Actually, it’s the phrase “layered meat pie” that catches my attention.  It is a bit interesting that Epcot is offering two root vegetable-laden entrees, however.

18 – Loaded Mac n’ Cheese with Nueske’s Pepper Bacon (Farm Fresh)

I’ll quote this past weekend’s Guest Contributor, Scott Adams, “If it is anything like last year’s Nueske’s Pepper Bacon Hash, this will be a fan favorite!”

2014's Pepper Bacon Hash.

2014’s Pepper Bacon Hash.

I wholeheartedly agree, Scott.  Having had last year’s Baked Lobster Alfredo, though, I have my reservations.


2014’s Baked Lobster Alfredo.

17 – Gaoli Beef Slider (China)

So, I’ve searched and searched the Internet.  The only reference I can find that is remotely close to describing “Gaoli Beef” is a page for a PingRang GaoLi Restaurant in Shanghai, China.  It displayed a picture of BBQ Beef.  Is that what this will be?  I guess we’ll find out together.

16 – Grilled Lamb Chop (Australia)

With great apprehension, I end Day #1 of my Pre-Festival Top 25 with Mrs. All in WDW’s beloved lamb “lollipop”.  I’m sorry, dear.  You know it’s just not my thing.  Having said that, it did make our menu!

2014’s Grilled Lamb Chop.

There you have it, folks!  I’ll be back tomorrow with the Top 15!  What do you think?  Of these ten dishes, which one are you most anxious to try?

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