Food & Wine ’15 “Re-Cap”: Opening Day FOOD Pics!

Good morning, my friends!  If you didn’t get a chance to “eat” yesterday’s meal full of Epcot food pictures, here’s a bellyful of 2015’s Food & Wine Festival!  It’s an Opening Day re-cap!  Bon appetit!

Up first, we enjoyed Scotland’s bacon-laced scallop!  Their Seared Sea Scallop was a nice size and very well prepared.  Perfect, in fact.  The bacon … well, how can bacon not make everything better?


New Zealand’s Lamb Meatball was fabulous in 2014.  It delivered again this year!  Very well cooked and no where near overdone.  The spicy chutney is just that.  Perfect amounts of “heat” and sweet.


This Grilled Lamb Chop “lollipop” from Australia is still one of Mrs. All in WDW’s  favorites.  She’d highly recommend you give it a try!


Mrs. All in WDW and I enjoyed the coconut sauce and rice that accompanied Dominican Republic’s Seared Grouper.  The fish, itself, was flaky and well-cooked but tasted a bit on the strong side.


When it came to Australia’s Grilled Sweet and Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp recipe, I found it way too sweet tasting.  Not in a sugary sort of way, mind you, but in a sweet-tasting hot sauce kind of way.  If that makes sense.  In the end, it was just too sweet.


Cooked in an immersion circulator, The Chew’s Olive Oil Poached Salmon looked rare but flaked apart with a fork.  You could taste the olive oil, as well.  It was quite good.


I wasn’t overly impressed, to be honest, with Dominican’s Roasted Pork.  I think the rice with coconut sauce that accompanied that marketplace’s grouper actually made the fish the better choice between the two.


Brazil’s Crispy Pork Belly with Black Beans was a big winner!  The pork was crispy, yet tender.  We loved the black beans.  The flavors were fantastic!  Must have, folks!


The Chew’s Ricotta & Zucchini Ravioli was much better than I had expected.  The filling was more vegetable than my tastes typically allow, but the ravioli, itself, was great.  Good dish.


Finally, we stop by Belgium.  Always a good effort, their Potato and Leek Waffle with Beer-braised Beef was delicious.  The beef was fork-tender, and it combined well with the taste of the leek waffle.


Many more pictures to come today, folks!  Please stay tuned to All in WDW at Follow me on Twitter! Or, Like the All in WDW Facebook page!

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