The 2015 All in WDW Epcot Food & Wine Festival FINAL Top 25! – #11 to 20

I’m back!  More of the 2015 All in WDW FINAL Top 25 to come … in one quick second.  First, my friends, let’s talk about one very important Food & Wine “must do”.

Common sense, folks.  Hydrate!  Mrs. All in WDW and I strolled around World Showcase all day on Opening Day.  We didn’t just spend our cash on food.

It can be really HOT out there!  Whether it’s “toasty” or not, buy some water, my friends!  You’ll need it!  OK.  Our public health and safety message is over.  Back to business!

20 – New York Strip – Chew Labs (Pre-Festival: 12)

I know that dropping in rank from a Pre-Festival #12 to a Final #20 might not reflect this sentiment, but, Chew?  I really took it easy on you.


Please don’t charge us $6.25 for two slices of steak.  Having said that, although meager, it was tasty.

19 – Korean Barbecue Short Rib – South Korea (Pre-Festival: 7)

Hard to believe that this beats a Chew-designed New York Strip, but it did.


Mrs. All in WDW really felt that it was way too salty.  I thought it was OK.  The pickled cucumber was very nice, for what it’s worth.

18 – Ricotta & Zucchini Ravioli – Sustainable Chew (Pre-Festival: 24)

I’m a big fan of ravioli.  Stuff some beef in this one, and it rockets up the chart!


17 – Seared Grouper – Dominican Republic (Pre-Festival: 21)

I’ll say it again.  Dominican’s coconut rice was very good.


If this dish had been focused around a well-cooked piece of mahi-mahi, I would have loved, loved, loved it!

16 – Pork Spareribs – Sustainable Chew (Pre-Festival: 20)

Unremarkable, to be honest.  Oh, it was a nice effort, but there wasn’t a lot of meat for the price.


Actually, we were more pleased with The Chew’s cheesy mascarpone grits than we were with the pork!

15 – Loaded Mac n’ Cheese with Nueske’s Pepper Bacon – Farm Fresh (Pre-Festival: 18)

A darling of a concept.  The pepper bacon adds a phenomenal touch to the dish.


I just felt that the macaroni, itself, was much too overdone.  Good to try once, but if it comes to “second helpings”, there are better items to select.

14 – Grilled Lamb Chop – Australia (Pre-Festival: 16)

This delicacy would lead off Mrs. All in WDW’s Top 25, of course.  Mine?  Not so much.


The lamb.  The pesto.  The potato crunchies.  They all combine to deliver a great flavor.  Definitely worth trying.  I’ll say that much, for sure.

13 – Roasted Verlasso Salmon – Patagonia (Pre-Festival: 5)

I still blame Patagonia’s poorer-than-usual performance on Opening Day jitters.


When it comes down to it, though, done right, this dish is a contender.  I’ll be trying this one again … at some point.

12 – Olive Oil Poached Salmon – Chew Labs (Pre-Festival: 9)

When it came to this year’s salmon, I’ll have to give The Chew its props.


A delicate preparation, this was my first experience tasting food prepared in an immersion circulator.  It was quite good!

11 – Grilled Beef Skewer – Patagonia (Pre-Festival: 6)

A perennial favorite, Patagonia’s skewer suffered from the same fate as their salmon – too much time on the cooktop.


The purée and the chimichurri are still phenomenal, that’s for sure.  This is the other dish to which I’ll give a chance for redemption!

Wow!  That was a plateful of food, eh?  Tomorrow, I’ll be back to round out the menu with this year’s Top 10!  Which dish will win 2015’s “prize”?  Tune in Wednesday morning to find out!

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