Thundering Through Disney! VOTE for your WDW Favorites!

Greetings, my friends!  Our ANNUAL “Super Poll” is here!  Today, we start our several-day quest through ALL of Walt Disney World’s parks!

Actually, I’m breaking with All in WDW tradition a slight bit.  You see, usually the Favorite WDW Attraction poll runs over NCAA March Madness Final Four weekend.

This year, however, I have a conflict.  Our son is getting married that particular weekend!  If I don’t clear the way to prioritize my attention to that blessed event, I’ll be in big trouble!

That being the case, we’ll launch the “tournament of tournaments” one week early!  Yahoo!  Voting time is here already!

Over the last few months, you’ve “elected” your individual park favorites.  Over the next two days – in Round 1 of this competition – 32 of those attractions will stop back for a visit.

BTMR - Shot 24

Yes, the Top 8 from each of the four parks will return to compete for the illustrious title All in WDW Readers’ Favorite WDW Attraction!

We’ll use our standard rules today, folks. I present FOUR groups, below.  You get to vote for ONE attraction in each group.  Cast FOUR votes, in total, today.

The Top 2 in each group will reach our “Stupendous Sixteen”!

Yes.  I know that the choices you’ll need to make today – and in each subsequent day of this competition – are excruciating.

You have to remember, everyone, that we’re dealing with the “cream of the crop”.  We’re choosing from among the best that Walt Disney World has to offer!

The challenge is this … from each group of four, which attraction, in your opinion, best-deserves to be called our overall favorite!

OK.  Get to it!  Vote for ONE in each group!  And, please, come back tomorrow to weigh-in on the other half of our Round 1 attractions!

2 thoughts on “Thundering Through Disney! VOTE for your WDW Favorites!

  1. Wishes, Expedition, and RnR all in same bracket ? Spread those out and I would guess your results would be different.

    • Undoubtedly, but the seedings worked out they way they worked out. Each group has an attraction from one of the four parks and each group has a 1,2,3 and 4th finisher from each park poll. As objective as I could be.

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