What a Stupendous Group of Attractions! Which Ones Are Your Favorites? VOTE!

When I look at the sixteen attractions that make up the 2nd Round of this tournament, I’m really impressed.

I mean, really.  If you had a Parkhopper ticket and one day left in The World, wouldn’t these sixteen gems make for a great target list?

So, let’s look deeper into this sensational group.  What do we really have, here, in today’s polls?  Well, first, all four of our individual Park champions are still in the running.  Not surprised?  Neither am I.


Speaking of the Parks, how did each of Walt Disney World’s do in the 1st Round?  Of eight original entries, both Magic Kingdom and Epcot advanced six attractions into Round #2.

On the other hand, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, each, lost six candidates.  Only two of their attractions survived last week’s round of super-tough choices.

What four unfortunates bid their farewell?  Sadly, Festival of the Lion King, DINOSAUR, Fantasmic!, and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith got the boot.

Those four gems, themselves, are good enough to populate their own private trip plan!  Hey!  I told you this tournament was tough!  Not an easy choice in the bunch!

So, let’s talk about choices.  When Mrs. All in WDW discovered that I only let you have one choice per group in Round #1, she gave me some new marching orders for the remainder of the competition.

That being the case, today, my friends, I present you with FOUR groups of four attractions.  They are the cream of the crop.

Here’s the great news … you can select your TWO favorites in each group.  That’s right!  TWO!  You’ll get to cast a total of EIGHT votes today!

Thank Mrs. All in WDW, folks.  She’s the “Tinkerbell” that flew to your rescue.  The choices will still be difficult, I assure you, but maybe they won’t be quite as painful.

In the end, the Top 2 attractions in each group will advance to tomorrow’s “Epic Eight”!  So, you know the drill, everyone.  Go ahead and VOTE!

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