Welcome to Food & Wine “Fun ‘n Games”! It’s time to VOTE!

Welcome, my friends!  Welcome back to All in WDW and welcome to the 4th Annual All in WDW Readers’ Food & Wine Pre-Festival Top 20!  4th?!  You bet!

Let’s see a show of hands.  Who, out there, remembers last year’s Food & Wine “frolics”?  I’ll give you a hint … you did a lot of salivating and a whole lot of voting!

Great!  I see quite a few of you out there!  Hey!  There’s Doug Davis, Dennis Conroy, and John Peters!  WDW Main Street Podcast in … da … house!

I love those guys!  If you want to hear me talk Food & Wine ’16 on their show, click here!

Now, how many of you are new to All in WDW’s obsession with Food & Wine?  Oooh.  There’s a lot of you “rookies” this year!  That’s outstanding!

Well, to organize my attack on Food & Wine, I annually carve Epcot’s monumental list of Food & Wine entrees down to the 20 dishes that I feel that I will like.

Yes, folks, in the past I used to aim for “25”.  In 2016, however, I’m going to dial back the calories and cost to “20”!  That list will become my 2016 “menu”!

Why do I do this?  Hey!  Have you seen the list of entrees this year!  There’s nearly 70!  I simply can’t eat (or pay for!) that much food!

So, what job do I have in mind for you?  We’re going to construct your Food & Wine Pre-Festival “menu”!  And, we’re going to do it “All in WDW style”!

That’s right!  Polls!  You’ve done it quite successfully the past three years … let’s do it again!  It’s easy!

Hey!  You know what you like!  For example, are you going to pick Grilled Shrimp if you’re allergic to shellfish?  Will you choose Venison if your favorite character is Bambi?

Australia's 2015 Grilled Sweet and Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp

Australia’s 2015 Grilled Sweet and Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp

Let’s have some fun making selections in this – the “1st Round” of voting!  Across all of Food & Wine’s marketplaces, which dishes will hit your list?

Which items will you collectively include in the 2016 All in WDW Readers’ Food & Wine Pre-Festival Top 20?!

So, here’s how it works … I present one group below.  You can vote for up to FIVE dishes in each group!  The Top 5 vote-getters will move forward in our selection process!

Bon appetit, diners!  VOTE!  VOTE!  VOTE for your 5!  By the way, if you need a description of the items before you make your choices, check out this link!

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