“Lunch” at Epcot? You Bet! “Round 1” of Food & Wine Voting Concludes!

Great response yesterday, my friends!  Thanks for all your votes and support!  I can really tell that you’re excited for Food & Wine’s arrival!

One day of “Round 1” voting remains, my fellow Disney foodies.  By the end of today, you’ll have reduced a list of 68 entree-type offerings down to a collection of 40!  Good job!

The problem is … can we eat – or pay for – 40 samples of food?  Of course, not!  Next week, we’ll carve that 40 down to a much more manageable 20-item “menu”

Then, we’ll have your “recommendations”!  We’ll have your 2016 All in WDW Readers’ Food & Wine Pre-Festival Top 20!

Photo Nov 08, 11 17 23 AM

All in WDW’s two-time Festival “champion” – New Zealand’s Lamb Meatball!

Today, I present TWO groups below.  You can vote for up to FIVE dishes in each group!  In other words, you can cast as many as TEN votes today!

Like yesterday, the Top 5 vote-getters in each group will move forward into “Round 2” of our selection process.  Which dishes will it be?

Have fun, folks!  Tell your friends!  VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!  By the way, if you need a description of the items before you make your choices, check out this link!

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