Playing the “Hits”! What’s YOUR ‘Eat to the Beat’ Hit List?!

It’s getting to that time, folks!  The 2017 “record-breaking” Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is just over two months away!  A 75-day party!  That is a record!

Over the next few weeks, Disney will begin trickling out festival specifics.  Of course, that flow of vital details will culminate in the day we all look forward to – “Menu Release Day”!

To take a glance back at 2016’s Full Menu, click this link!

To look back at all of our pictures, rankings, and coverage of 2016’s festival, click this link!

Speaking for myself, I cannot wait to see what dishes will return in 2018.  Will Disney bring back some of my “retired” favorites – like China’s Mongolian Beef Steamed Bun?  What new creations will be unleashed?

While we wait for food, however, let’s talk about what we do know.  This year’s Eat to the Beat Concert Series has been announced.

Playing daily at 5:30 PM, 6:45 PM and 8:00 PM from August 31st to November 13th at the America Gardens Theatre across from the American Adventure Pavilion will be:

  • Delta Rae – August 31 to September 1 – Known for their song “Bottom of the River”
  • The Hooters – NEW! – September 2 to September 3 – Known for their song “And We Danced”
  • Baha Men – NEW! – September 4 to September 5 – Known for their song “Who Let the Dogs Out”
  • Fuel – September 6 to September 7 – Known for their song “Shimmer”
  • STARSHIP starring Mickey Thomas – September 8 to September 10 – Known for their song “We Built This City”
  • Lauren Alaina – NEW! – September 11 to September 12 – Known for her song “Road Less Traveled”
  • Plain White T’s – September 13 to September 15 – Known for their song “Hey There Delilah”
  • Sister Hazel – September 16 to September 17 – Known for their song “All For You”
  • Air Supply – September 18 to September 20 – Known for their song “All Out of Love”
  • David Cook – September 21 to September 22 – Known for his song “Light On”
  • Everclear – September 23 to September 24 – Known for their song “Santa Monica”
  • Sugar Ray – September 25 to September 27 – Known for their song “Every Morning”
  • 38 Special – September 28 to September 29 – Known for their song “Hold On Loosely”
  • Mark Wills – NEW! – September 30 to October 1 – Known for his song “19 Somethin’”
  • American Authors – NEW! – October 2 to October 3 – Known for their song “Best Day of My Life”
  • Christopher Cross – October 4 to October 5 – Known for his song “Sailing”
  • Devon Allman – NEW! – October 6 to October 8 – Known for his song “Ragged & Dirty”
  • Dennis DeYoung: The Music of STYX – October 9 to October 11, 2017 – Known for their song “Come Sail Away”
  • Taylor Dayne – October 12 to October 13 – Known for her song “Tell It to My Heart”
  • Jeffrey Osborne – October 14 to October 15 – Known for his song “On the Wings of Love”
  • Postmodern Jukebox – NEW! – October 16 to October 17 – Known for their vintage covers of modern music
  • 10,000 Maniacs – NEW! – October 18 to October 20 – Known for their song “Because the Night”
  • Toad the Wet Sprocket – October 21 to October 22 – Known for their song “Walk on the Ocean”
  • Kenny G – NEW! – October 23 to October 24 – Known for his song “Songbird”
  • Billy Ocean – October 25 to October 26 – Known for his song “Get Outta My Dreams”
  • Tiffany – October 27 to October 29 – Known for her song “I Think We’re Alone Now”
  • Hanson – October 30 to November 1 – Known for their song “MMMBop”
  • Blue October – NEW! – November 2 to November 3 – Known for their song “Into the Ocean”
  • Living Colour – November 4 to November 5 – Known for their song “Cult of Personality”
  • Boyz II Men – November 6 to November 8 – Known for their song “End of the Road”
  • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – November 9 to November 11 – Known for their song “Go Daddy-O”
  • Squeeze – NEW! – November 12 to November 13 – Known for their song “Black Coffee in Bed”

Wow!  32 acts in total … 11 of them new!  So.  I guess the questions I have for you are …

1).  If you’re going to this year’s “bash”, what act(s) will be there to perform for your enjoyment?

2).  What five (5) acts would be on YOUR ‘Eat to the Beat’ hit lists?

Please answer those two questions, here, with a comment on this post or on social media (Facebook, etc.).

Before you go, however, here are my responses …

1).  Delta Rae, The Hooters

2).  Air Supply, 38 Special, Christopher Cross, Dennis DeYoung: The Music of STYX, and Taylor Dayne

3 thoughts on “Playing the “Hits”! What’s YOUR ‘Eat to the Beat’ Hit List?!

  1. I only know two of them. Seriously. Air Supply and Starship. And don’t really care for either of the two. Hence the reason it’s not called a Food & Wine & Music Festival.

    Bring Forth the Menus! (and The Chew. Looking forward to live Chew tapings!)

  2. 1) I look forward to hearing the bands as much as I do the Food & Wine booths. We always sit down and enjoy the bands. This year we will see Air Supply, David Cook, Everclear, Boyz ii Men and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

    2) Boyz ii Men, 38 Special, Tiffany, Starship and Dennis DeYoung: The Music of STYX.

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