Join OUR “Virtual” Dash Through All Four-Parks!

Hey, folks!  Did you catch ResortTV1’s epic full-day celebration of Walt Disney World last weekend?  No?  Really?  Well, don’t delay … click the picture below to watch Josh and Jenna’s summary re-cap video!

Afterwards, join John, Doug, and I at the Main Street Pub.  In honor of ResortTV1’s all-inclusive dash, we gathered together to discuss how we would tour all four Walt Disney World parks in one single day.

Discover the answers to burning questions such as …

  • What piece of real estate is Doug considering for the future home of the Main Street Pub?
  • In which park do we all end our day?
  • One of us plans to dine on Bangers and Mash.  Is it Doug?
  • Which one of us loves Starbucks enough to choose its breakfast over traditional Disney fare?
  • Why does Doug not call Flight of Passage by its true name?
  • Do I even know what attraction “lives” in the the Tree of Life?

Catch all of this and much, much more when you listen to …

Episode #406 – Four Parks! One Day!

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