What?! Disney is Raising Ticket Prices Again?! Our Response …

That’s right, folks.  With immediate effect, the cost to visit the place “Where Dreams Come True” has risen to even greater heights.

Are you looking for a one-day ticket to the Magic Kingdom?  $119.  And, that’s the “regular” price!  Do you need it during a peak season?  $122!

Geez.  I remember the good, old days.  You know, the days where the idea of “breaking the triple-digit threshold” was thought to be impossible.  Want that $100 ticket now?

What is our response?  Well, Mrs. All in WDW and I might have been ahead of the game for once.  Late last month, our Annual Passes were due for renewal.

I thought that we were going to end up regretting this, but, because of the web site, we renewed my ticket.  However, due to rapidly-inflating costs (for everything WDW-related), we did not renew hers.

Before we get criticized for being anti-Disney, look at it this way – a Platinum Pass (for Florida residents) is now $729 … up from $679.  Folks, that is a bit over a 7.3%!  I don’t know about you, but I did not get a 7.3% raise last year.  Not even close.

True, we’re not Florida residents, but that doesn’t matter.  The $705 that I paid for my renewal still gave me sticker shock.  This time around, I couldn’t bring myself to hand over a whopping $1,410!

With less-frequent trips to Orlando in our immediate future, Disney’s announcement solidifies our feelings that we made the right choice.  For us, our budget couldn’t swallow the bitter pill.

Are we the only ones who feel this way?  Not at all.  Check out John Peters and Doug Davis as they dropped into the Main Street Pub yesterday to rant about this sad news.  Catch that excitement at …

Episode 431 – Disney Raising Ticket Prices!

In the meantime, what do you think?  Do these latest increases push you over the edge?  Leave your thoughts, comments, or opinions, here on this post, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

4 thoughts on “What?! Disney is Raising Ticket Prices Again?! Our Response …

  1. We are long time Disney fans. We live 1,250 miles away but over time have had APs, visited at least once a year and for the first time in forever we thought about not going this year. The price just goes up and up and is not the affordable vacation it once was for us. We decided to do a simple 5 day mother/daughter trip for the 2 of us this year and it is still over $3,000 – AS hotel, tickets with park hoppers, regular dining plan. Crazy! We were hitting about $6,000 for the four of us (my “kids” are adults now) in a AS hotel with regular dining. We skip park hoppers usually because I don’t want to pay the extra.

  2. You can add us to the list of those being turned off by the continual hikes in prices at Disney. We’ve been going to Disney every year at least twice since 1996. I did the same as you, Bob, renewing my AP last month but not my wife’s — just couldn’t lay down $1,410. After a trip in March with her and one this summer with my son, I doubt that we’ll be returning any time soon. It’s just too expensive to stretch out the justification any longer. Perhaps the rumor is true that Disney is now following the Apple financial plan to eventually include only the wealthiest customers. Guess I’m going to have to find another escape from reality!

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