King of “The World” – The Finale!

My personal favorites … Illuminations, Spaceship Earth, Rock ‘n’ Roller, and Kilimanjaro Safaris.  Gone.  My favorite park … Epcot.  Out.  Oof.

I’m compelled to start today’s post by showing just a little bit of love to those four attractions.  And, where I had some company – about 36% of you across the two groups voted for one of the four, to be exact – I feel a bit lonely.  I mean, I have to be in the vast minority of people who have no favorite left in the finale.  Hah, I feel like my NCAA bracket got completely busted after the first round of games!

Please bear with me for one minute … Illuminations is my ultimate favorite attraction because I find the majesty of the soundtrack in combination with the power of the fireworks display to be very uplifting.  And, the rumors that Disney is considering a “refurbishment” of the show causes me considerable sadness and distress.

I often tell Mrs. All in WDW that you don’t know you’re in Disney until you can smell Rome burning.  Yes, Spaceship Earth is a bit plodding and slow – and, it is the same every time – and, I certainly prefer the earlier versions – but, it is Spaceship Earth!  How can you not love Spaceship Earth?  How can you not love Epcot?  Oh, Epcot.  I miss you already!

The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is the only ride I can (and have) gone on again and again and again.  In fact, one morning, my max was six times straight.  I wasn’t “quite right” for a few hours, but it was a blast!  There’s nothing like the rush of being launched into that tunnel and through that initial double-loop.  The only ride that comes close for me in thrills is Everest.

And, Kilimanjaro … I just love the zebras, giraffes, lions, and all their friends.  Sure, you get bumped and bruised along as you bounce through the safari, but it is a unique experience for any “zoo lover” out there.  I’m so sad.

OK, enough whining and complaining.  If the loss of Epcot in this competition is the biggest news from yesterday’s results, then the next biggest is that it only took two weeks for Haunted Mansion to get its much-needed, well-deserved, rematch with Splash Mountain.  Overwhelming winners of their respective 1st Round groups, those two behemoths have to battle each other one more time while also taking on the very best of Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.  Who will climb to the top of the heap?

This is the culmination of “Championship Week”, fans!  What will our story be?  Will Splash do it one more time?  Was its upset victory over Mansion indeed a fluke?  Will Everest or Tower take the Magic Kingdom down?  I’m dying to find out … aren’t you?  Vote! Vote! Vote! Bring your friends!  Get them to vote too!

Have a Happy Saturday and enjoy!


Givin’ Epcot one last little bit of love!

One thought on “King of “The World” – The Finale!

  1. What I find interesting is that, in the Magic Kingdom specific poll, Splash Mountain beat out Haunted Mansion but now, in the cross-park poll, Haunted Mansion is beating out Splash Mountain. I wonder if there is a logical reason for that — e.g., different selection heuristics / choice preferences depending on whether the comparison is in-park vs. across-park. Or if this is more a function of the fact that the different polls draw different polling audiences — e.g., for the in-park poll, you get more dedicated park aficionados whereas for the cross-park polls you get more generalists. An interesting puzzle.

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