Tasting My Way Around The World … Tomorrow!

The “2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Sneak Preview” special event, “Taste Your Way Around The World” is tomorrow … Yahoo! I cannot wait!  Follow us by subscribing to the All in WDW email feed (look in the right margin) or join our Facebook group. You know the pictures will be flowing!

Anyway, Mrs. All in WDW and I were talking about the event last night and wondering how it will be organized. Is it a buffet? Will servers be walking around with trays and trays of samples? To get a little bit of insight, we took a look back at the menu.

For the “Buffet Reception” (I guess that answers the buffet question!), we’ll be served two new items – Florida Local’s Florida Grass-Fed Beef Slider with White Cheddar and Sweet & Hot Pickles as well as South Korea’s Kimchi Dog with Spicy Mustard Sauce and Kimchi.  As you might gather from the current version of the All in WDW Food & Wine 2013 Pre-Festival Top “25″, I’m really looking forward to the slider.

Next, we’ll experience a “Plated Dinner”.  I guess we’ll be sitting down for that part of the program, eh?  Our “Appetizer” will be Brazil’s Crispy Pork Belly with Black Beans, Onions, Avocado, and Cilantro.  Brazil is returning to the festival after a one-year absence.  If this dish is as good as it sounds, I’ll be very happy that they’re back!

The “Salad” follows the pork belly and is an “Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Rewind”, according to Disney.  Florida Fresh will present their Watermelon Salad with Pickled Red Onions, Baby Arugula, Feta Cheese, and Balsamic Reduction.  This was a tasty and refreshing item, and, although I could do with or without it, I think it will be quite nice to have another helping.  The balsamic reduction had an outstanding flavor!

I can’t even visualize an entree of “Le Cellier” Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon with Truffle Butter Sauce and Scottish Salmon with Cauliflower Puree, Watercress, and Malt Vinaigrette with Baby Root Vegetables.  How delicious will that be?  I’ll tell you what it will be … it will be an EPIC surf and turf!

Finally, our desserts, as presented by the “Desserts & Champagne” marketplace, will be a trio of Chocolate Orange Cupcake, Hazelnut Chocolate Cheesecake, and Morello Cherry Pistachio Mousse.  Yikes!  I’ll be on a sugar high!

It’s a great menu, and I have to tell you … I don’t know what to look forward to the most!  Hey, what about you?  Which one of these masterpieces catches your eye?

See you tomorrow, folks!

Le Cellier Filet

Yum! Gimme’ that filet!

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