“Champions” Collide! VOTE for YOUR Favorite WDW Attraction! – Round 1!

Greetings, my friends!  How are you today?  More importantly, are … you … ready … to see the “rumble”?!  Are you ready to participate in it yourself?!

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for, fans!  It’s our 3RD ANNUAL tournament!  It’s the collision of “champions”!  We’re about to watch the FINAL big battle!  Sixteen attractions enter and only ONE will survive!

Quite simply, by the time the weekend is over, YOUR votes will have decided which Walt Disney World experience has earned the lofty title of All in WDW Readers’ Favorite WDW Attraction!

Listen to our “color commentary” later today on the WDW Main Street Podcast!  Who do we want to see win?!  Listen to find out!

Yes, my friends, one of the sixteen fantastic experiences displayed below will walk out of this weekend with bragging rights.  One of these will earn the title of “Favorite of Favorites”.


Which will it be?  Well, let’s see.  Let’s get STARTED!  You will find four groups of four, below.

You can cast ONE vote in each group.  ONE.  You’ll register FOUR votes in total today.  The Top 2 finishers in each group will move on to the next Round – the “Exceptional Eight”!

Now, keep in mind, everyone … the choices WILL be excruciating.  After all, we’re working with the “cream of the crop”!

So, I’ll ask you once again … are you ready to see the “RUMBLE”?!  Yes?  Then, VOTE!

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