Dining Recon: Casey’s Corner

Confession time.  Until just over a month ago, Mrs. All in WDW and I had never visited Casey’s Corner.

Can you believe it!  It’s an amazing omission.  Well, it is to me, at least.  After all, my favorite sport is baseball, and I just love corn dogs!



We certainly enjoyed our first visit!  Mmm.  Corn dog nuggets!  A very inexpensive $5.49 snack!  How could we pass it up?  Quite simply, they were delicious.

Casey’s nostalgic decor is phenomenal, as well.  It certainly lives up to the restaurant’s theme.  Take a look!  Very colorful!








We have been visiting Walt Disney World for 15 years.  In all that time, we’d never stopped by Casey’s for even the quickest of bites?  What were we thinking?!  I’m glad we finally remedied that mistake.

How about you?  Have you neglected this Magic Kingdom counter service gem?  Take our advice.  Don’t.  Add it to your list.  It’s well worth it … even if it’s just to enjoy a quick, cheap snack!

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