Food & Wine ’15 Menu “Recon”: Australia

Of course, you won’t just find me touting Food & Wine’s greatness here on All in WDW.  Thanks to our friends at the WDW Main Street Podcast, I also get to rave about each and every morsel of deliciousness “live” and in person!

Check out these two short shows, for example:

Food & Wine “Soft Opening” Report

Food & Wine Opening Weekend Re-Cap

In the meantime, let’s get back to the booths!  Mrs. All in WDW loves Australia.  After all, their Grilled Lamb Chop is her favorite dish.


Her recommendation?  “Must Have”!  Yes, dear, it is a pretty good “lollipop”.  Although, I have to add my two cents, as well.  I’ll label it “Worth a Shot”!

Then, there’s … Grilled Sweet and Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp.


Everyone loves shrimp, yes?  Uh, not us.  Well, not in this case, at least.  We felt the dish had way too little “spicy” and way too much “sweet”.  Our grade?  “Pass”!

Photo Sep 24, 10 18 43 AM

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