Food & Wine ’15 Menu “Recon”: New Zealand

The mussels are always popular, but they never seem to make my menu.  The venison did, and I wish it hadn’t.  And, hey!  You folks all know that the lamb is one of my favorites!

Truthfully, the Seared Venison Loin wasn’t to my tastes … at all.  Now, Mrs. All in WDW?  She quite liked it!  She would call it “Worth a Shot”!  I would say, “Stay Away”!


When it comes to their Lamb Meatball, New Zealand delivers again!

It’s very well cooked and no where near overdone.  The spicy chutney is just that.  The perfect amounts of “heat” and sweet.  It’s a “Must Have”!, for sure.


Photo Sep 24, 10 18 13 AM

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