Food & Wine ’15 Menu “Recon”: Chew Lab

Hidden behind Club Cool, I found ABC’s The Chew … and, my very first exposure to food prepared in an immersion circulator.  It met with mixed success.

The Olive Oil Poached Salmon?  It was very good.  Fancy “dishware” for Food & Wine, eh?  Beautiful presentation, too!


In fact, across both of the popular show’s marketplaces, this was their best entree … in my opinion, at least.  You could really taste the flavor of that olive oil!  My friends, it is “Worth a Shot”!

The Lab’s New York Strip was tasty.  At $6.25, however, we just didn’t feel that two small slices of steak were a good value.  Sorry, Chew.  We’re going to call this dish “Just OK”!


Photo Sep 25, 11 18 32 AM

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