Hey! What About Cabana Bar? Trivia Revealed!

Yeah!  What about Cabana Bar?  When it comes to WDW’s pool bars, Mrs. All in WDW reminds me that I left a couple of our favorite spots off my list yesterday.

For example, I mentioned Mardi Grogs, Siestas Cantina, Leaping Horse Libations, and Hurricane Hanna’s.  On the other hand, I completely forgot the WDW Dolphin’s Cabana Bar and Beach Club.



A great spot, I’ve actually featured them twice on the site …

Link – Dining Recon: Cabana Bar and Beach Club at the Dolphin

Link – Dining Recon: Cabana Bar and Beach Club at the Dolphin … Revisited!

Then, after my lovely wife pointed that fact out to me, I recalled the fun times we’ve had over at Disney’s Old Key West Resort.  Visit Gurgling Suitcase, folks!



A small, but fantastic, “pub”, I’ve raved about it as well …

Link – Dining Recon: Old Key West’s Gurgling Suitcase

I guess the moral of the story is that Walt Disney World sports a bunch of great pool-side venues!  Stop back in a few days, and we’ll tackle the task of deciding which ones of them are our ultimate favorites!

In the meantime, yesterday, I asked you, “How well do you know WDW’s pool bars?”  Pretty well, I’d say!

From the pairs I offered, I asked you to match the pool bar with its correct resort.  50% of you got it right!  One reader even commented, “Easy one!”

My friends, the correct pairing in yesterday’s trivia question was … The Sand Bar at Disney’s Contemporary Resort!  Take a look below for all of the correct matches!  Cheers!

  • Backstretch Pool Bar – Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
  • Grandstand Spirits – All-Star Sports Resort
  • Beaches Pool Bar & Grill – Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
  • The Sand Bar – Disney’s Contemporary Resort
  • Banana Cabana Pool Bar – Caribbean Beach Resort


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