Devouring Epcot!  Food & Wine Voting Concludes?!

Spirited voting yesterday, my friends!  The big job comes today, though.  Yes.  “Heavy lifting” is in your near future, folks.  Today, we’ll tackle our last three groups!

Epcot’s finest Food & Wine cuisine is at the center of this contest, and eight dishes have already made your final “menu”.

Which ones, you ask?  Check back to yesterday’s post to get a sneak peak!

Patagonia's Grilled Beef Skewer

Patagonia’s Grilled Beef Skewer

Back to important business, however.  I present THREE groups below.  You can vote for up to FOUR dishes in each group!  In other words, you can cast as many as TWELVE votes today!

The Top 4 vote-getters in each group will “win” their way into your Top 20!  Which dishes will it be?  Have fun, folks!  Tell your friends!  VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

By the way, if you need a description of the items before you make your choices, check out this link!

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