Feasting On The Festival – Day #3!

Welcome back, everyone!  Did you get a chance to “feast” on yesterday’s food pics?  No?  Well, here’s your chance for “leftovers”!  What did we have?  Here goes …

The Spicy Hummus Fries served by Morocco were not what I expected.  I was expecting something more like a French fry!


Having said that, they weren’t all that bad!  Nicely spicy, Mrs. All in WDW actually liked them much better than some of the other dishes we sampled this year!

Wine & Dine Studio’s Seared Scallop might be the best scallop I’ve ever had.  First, it was a nicely-sized portion.  Second, it was perfectly prepared!


Finally, it was accompanied by roasted Brussel sprouts!  I love roasted Brussel sprouts!  Way to go, Epcot!

Another example of very generous portion sizes, Scotland’s Scottish Lamb Stew was a meal fit for more than one person.


The lamb was super-tender.  The stew vegetables were on target.  It was a really good-tasting dish!

For the second straight year, I was disappointed by The Chew.  Oh, their Grilled Beef Skewer looked beautiful.


But, that’s where it ended.  The beef that I could chew (pun intended) held lots of fat and gristle and was way overdone.

On the other hand, the “salad” – well, mainly the feta – tasted nice.  I’m  sorry.  I’m a fan of the show … but not a fan of their Food & Wine offerings.

The Pork Tenderloin with Cannellini Bean Ragoût served at Wine & Dine Studio was a generously-sized piece.


Like The Chew’s skewer, however, it was, unfortunately, overdone, dry, and a bit tough.  You’ll definitely need a knife.

The ragoût, however, tasted great.  I’d recommend you have some of that with every bite of pork.

If you’ve been following me for long, you know how critical I’ve been – in writing and over the airwaves – of Canada’s “Le Cellier” Beef Filet Mignon.


I still say that the portion size is much, much smaller than we’ve received in past years.  The quality, however, was much, much better!

Will this dish skyrocket up my list when I post All in WDW’s final Top 20?  It’s still too early to say, but it’s entirely possible!

Always a very popular item, in 2015, I said that the New England Lobster Roll offered by Hops & Barley had, ‘Too little lobster. Too much bun.’

Well, my friends, evidently, Epcot listens!  This was definitely more lobster!  Check out the comparison!

2015's stingy Lobster Roll

2015’s “stingy” Lobster Roll

2016's "loaded" Lobster Roll

2016’s “loaded” Lobster Roll

I have to be honest, though.  For $7.75, is this really a good buy?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just not a fan of lobster rolls.

There you have it, folks.  Day #3 is complete.  Believe it or not, we’ll be back with more food later today!  Stay tuned!  More Festival coverage is on the way!

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