The Top 20 is Set! The “Wild Card” Contenders are Here! VOTE!

Hold on, folks!  We’re not done VOTING just yet.  That’s right.  Our Food & Wine “pre-party” isn’t quite over.

Hey!  I said it on Friday – “[w]e have three more days to go!”  Uh, that would be Friday, Saturday, and … today!

Yes.  With the closure of Saturday’s poll, we have finalized your pre-festival Top 20!  Why do we need to keep voting, then?  What comes next?

Well, first, the volunteers – and myself – will go to work this week.  By this coming weekend, we’ll have taken your chosen dishes and ranked them from 1 to 20!

Will the Chilled Scotch Egg offered by Craft Beers match the one (shown) served at Rose & Crown?

Having said that, there are a few items that have earned enough of your support to merit consideration for the distinction – “Honorable Mention”.  Call them “Wild Cards”, if you will!

Below, I present you with the ten highest vote-getters from Round #2 that did not make your final menu.

Your task today?  Vote for the five (5) additional items that you feel worthy of being sampled at this year’s festival.

Go ahead, my friends.  You’ve worked really hard.  The end is near.  You’re job is almost done.  Once last time … VOTE!

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