Food & Wine ’17 “Flash Report” BONUS: Salmon BLT Sushi Roll – Japan [Full Menu Included!]

Japan did a great job with their Salmon BLT Sushi Roll, my friends.  Plenty of salmon, that’s for sure.  And, is that really bacon sprinkled on top of the presentation?  You bet!

To be truthful, at first, ‘salmon plus bacon’ didn’t sound like a perfect marriage to me.  In reality, however, the flavors – including the sauce – worked well together.  The two thin-cut sushi roll “slices” hidden underneath added substance to the dish.

Frankly, I only had one issue with this marketplace, folks.  Check out the prices!  At $7.95, this sushi was expensive enough.  Their Teriyaki Ginger Pork was selling for $8.25!

By comparison, Canada’s filet could be bought for “only” $8.00.  So could Hops & Barley’s lobster roll!  How did Japan become so bold as to charge these prices?  Who knows, but, now, I know why their lines were so short.

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