The 2017 All in WDW Epcot International Food & Wine Festival FINAL Top 20 – Part 1!

Greetings, my friends!  Welcome to what I feel are my favorite posts of the year – the two-day unveiling of All in WDW’s final Food & Wine “menu”!  The 2017 All in WDW Epcot International Food & Wine Festival FINAL Top 20!

Yes, these are our recommendations for those of you who are lucky enough to get to attend Epcot’s big Fall “party”.  What should you eat?  Well, let’s see!

20. Sweet Pancake with Spicy Chipotle Chicken Sausage – Flavors from Fire – Pre-Festival Rank: 6

Jalapeños in the pancake.  That would have elevated this dish.  The maple butter syrup that adorns the presentation adds way too much sweetness.

Additionally, I would have liked to have seen much more sausage.  Clearly, the pancake was supposed to be the “star”, but three little slices of sausage didn’t cut it.

19. Teriyaki-glazed SPAM® Hash – Hawai’i – Pre-Festival Rank: 16

Just to give it a fair shot, we tried this item twice.  We’ll stand with our original assessment … too little SPAM and too much hash.

18. Red Hot Spicy Thai Curry Beef – Thailand – Pre-Festival Rank: 20

In short, this plate was good, but it wasn’t great.  When I hear “curry”, I think ‘spicy’.

When I see “red hot”, I think really spicy.  Right, wrong, or indifferent, I was expecting way more flavor and way more punch.

17. Charcuterie in a Cone – Spain – Pre-Festival Rank: Unranked

Pretty standard for charcuterie fare, the cheese, olives, sausages, and meats were all very good.

Likely to be a very popular item this year, and I can understand why.  The portion size is pretty generous.  It’s worth trying!

16. Spicy Hummus Fries – Morocco – Pre-Festival Rank: 19

A unique and tasty snack, I might not prioritize these delights over other Food & Wine items, but I would try them again.

15. Grilled Tuna Tataki – Hawai’i – Pre-Festival Rank: Unranked

A really refreshing bite.  The preparation?  It was on the ordinary side as far as seared tuna is concerned.

Having said that, it is good, and the flavors meld fabulously.  Definitely worth trying if you’re a fan of this type of dish.

14. Chilled Scotch Egg wrapped in Sausage – Craft Beers – Pre-Festival Rank: 15

One hard-boiled egg cut in thirds.  Simple and satisfying, that’s for sure.  The dish was excellent.  In fact, the sausage wrapping was crispy and fantastic!

Actually, one or two of these morsels – as a bar snack – with a few beers would really hit the spot.  Disney should sell these at every bar on property!

13. Kalua Pork Slider – Hawai’i – Pre-Festival Rank: 1

What?  The defending “champ” – a three-time festival “winner” – falls out of the Top 10?  It … drops all of the way to 13?!  Huh?

Yeah.  I’m disappointed too.  The only reason it ends this high is because of its past performance.  A really off year, the pork was great, but the spicy mayo killed this “icon”.

12. Salmon BLT Sushi Roll – Japan – Pre-Festival Rank: Unranked

A generous helping of salmon, my friends.  That’s for sure.  The bacon sprinkled across the top of the presentation was just the right amount.

The flavors – especially the sauce – worked very well together.  My only critique?  The price.  At $7.95, this was one of the most expensive Food & Wine items that I purchased!

11. Spicy Hot Dog – Refreshment Cool Post – Pre-Festival Rank: Unranked

Much more generous in portion size than the retired South Korea Marketplace’s old “recipe”, this one is a meal in itself!

Plus, at $6.75, it is a definite festival bargain.  If you like hot dogs and spicy mustard, this one’s for you!

There.  You, now, are in possession of the bottom half of the All in WDW’s Food & Wine “menu”!  What do you think?  What would you choose to enjoy?  What did I rank too high?  What did I rank too low?

Stop back tomorrow, folks!  We’re not done!  The Top 10, as well as our 2017 “champion”, will be revealed!

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