Dining Recon: Breakfast at BoardWalk Bakery

A leisurely stroll through the All in WDW Fantasy Parks “empire” yesterday morning led my wife and I to breakfast.  A “bakery” breakfast.


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Anyway, back to breakfast.  A bit pricey, at $7.99, I enjoyed, yet another, breakfast sandwich.


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Great sandwich, BoardWalk, but I do have one gripe.  Where’s my salmon sandwich?  I was planning to come back for lunch!


Yes, folks.  It is off the menu!  Bad form, Bakery.  Bad form.

Now that your part of the All in WDW Fantasy Parks “empire”, I’ll have to see what I can do to correct this terrible folly!

Hey!  Where’s that executive chef of mine?

Dining Recon: BoardWalk Bakery

I know.  I know.  I still owe you trivia answers, now don’t I?

Did you try your hand at Tuesday’s “movie” questions?  No?  Then, by all means, stop back and take a shot!

In the meantime, for those of you in need of answers, here ya’ go!

Reflections of China replaced The Wonders of China in 2003.  And, O Canada opened on Epcot’s opening day – October 1, 1982!

Now, back to today’s business.  Lunch!

OK.  Show of hands, folks.  Who loves BoardWalk Bakery?  No, really.  Are you a fan?  Tell us which of these statements describes you and your loved ones best!


Mrs. All in WDW and I stopped by BoardWalk Bakery quite some time ago and enjoyed a quick lunch.  Full disclosure, I just never got around to showing you the pictures!

Where we typically stick with a particular favorite – their Smoked Turkey Sandwich – we broadened our horizons a bit.  In fact, I would even say that I, at least, have a new favorite!

Enjoy the pics, my friends!  Oh!  And, have a great day!

Down on the BoardWalk!

Down on the BoardWalk!

I believe we will!

Thank you!  I believe we will!

Nice!  No line today!

Nice! No line today!

Uh ... yum!

Uh … yum!

The Smoked Turkey Sandwich is an "stand-by", for us.  A HUGE sandwich.

The Smoked Turkey Sandwich is a “stand-by”, for us. A HUGE sandwich.

We found the Fresh Mozzarella on Focaccia to be just OK.

We found the Fresh Mozzarella on Focaccia to be just OK.

Here was the surprising "star"!  A bit more expensive, the Oak-grilled Salmon Sandwich was phenomenal!

Here was the surprising “star”! A bit more expensive, the Oak-grilled Salmon Sandwich was phenomenal!  MY new favorite!

Dining Recon: BoardWalk Bakery Carrot Cake!

If you follow us on Facebook, you might remember me exclaiming this via Internet while we were lounging around the BoardWalk Inn about a month ago … “OMG.  Mrs. All in WDW is on a roll!  Another HUGE tip.  Carrot cake is back at Boardwalk Bakery … as of TODAY!”

And, if you caught my “Dining Recon: BoardWalk Bakery” from last March, written while the “real” bakery was undergoing a re-furb, you saw me say, “Sadly, there was one thing missing from this makeshift eatery’s cooler – the BoardWalk Bakery’s fabulous carrot cake. The best carrot cake on the planet, as far as we’re concerned.  It is a diet-killer but SO good!  I hope that little gem comes back when the bakery re-opens.”

The "original" BW Bakery carrot cake!

The “original” BW Bakery carrot cake!  Yum!

Well, as I’m sure you all know, the BoardWalk Bakery came ‘back to life’ months and months ago.  On the first visit we made after its doors re-opened, we were immediately disappointed to see that the dessert case and menu did not include our beloved cake.

Therefore, Mrs. All in WDW and I were pleasantly surprised to find out that their “new and better-than-ever” (as they described it) carrot cake would make its debut, right then, while we were staying in The World! You just know that we had to try it! So, how was it?  Delicious!

New and "improved"?

New and “improved”?

If we had any complaint, at all, it was the cake-to-icing ratio.  Don’t get me wrong. We like the icing.  Honestly, though, we really like the cake as well.  Just a tad more cake and a little less icing would have been very nice.

All in all, we liked this “new” version almost as much as we liked the “original”.  We felt that it was a bit smaller than its predecessor, but very tasty, nonetheless.  Very worth trying … if you are a fan of carrot cake!

Cross-Section of Carrot Cake!

Cross-Section of Carrot Cake!

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