Tables on the Loop! – Round 1

Since we’re sticking around the monorail loop, I thought it would be a really great idea to stop at one of Disney’s fine “eateries” for dinner. Or, breakfast. Or, lunch. Or, whatever you prefer.

Really, it doesn’t matter. All in WDW has a world-wide reach – now, with people from 71 countries having stopped by for a visit. It has to be dinner somewhere!

You can’t really appreciate just how many Table Service options there are on “the loop” until you try to build them into a tourney-poll. There are loads! Geez, I even had to exclude a few. Did you know that you can order food at Tambu Lounge, for example?

I’m going to warn you now … if you ask me, none of these choices are easy. In other words, this should be a fun but very unpredictable “competition”.

Nonetheless, have at it, folks! VOTE! Let’s crown the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Monorail-Loop Table Service Restaurant!

The Wave

Dining Recon: Kona Island Sushi(?) Bar

Calling all WDW fans – either on property or, better yet, staying at the Poly!  I have a special assignment for you … if you choose to accept it!

Last Thursday, after our meeting with Rick Howard and John Donahue,  Mrs. All in WDW and I dodged out of Epcot and fought our way over to Disney’s Polynesian Resort in a late-day, Florida rainstorm.  Our destination?  We were aimed straight at one of our favorite “watering holes” – Tambu Lounge.

Hello, Tambu!

Hello, Tambu!

Sadly, we hit Tambu right at “rush hour” … er, the hour before ‘Ohana opens.  What I mean by this is that in the hour before ‘Ohana opens, everyone in The World congregates in and around the …

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