Resort-Dedicated Fan Web Sites!

You know, I forget that there are so many resort-dedicated fan web sites out in the Disney-verse.  Do you know the ones I mean?

For example, I introduced you to the Unofficial Tribute Site a few days ago.  You, most certainly, know about Tikiman’s Unofficial Polynesian Resort Pages.  And, I always forget that there is a fan site completely dedicated to one of my favorite resorts – Buzz2001’s Unofficial Coronado Springs Resort Website!

But, there are tons of others!  The best “master list” I found actually was supplied by a site called  On their blog, at this link, you can find web sites touting the virtues of:

  • Wilderness Lodge
  • Contemporary Resort
  • Pop Century
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge & Villas
  • Grand Floridian

Do you know of any other resort-focused fan web sites?  If so, please leave me a comment with their “address”.  I would love to check them out!  In the meantime, I had to find this one myself.  And, how appropriate, too!  It is The Unofficial Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa Website!

They describe Saratoga Springs as ” … an equestrian-themed, Victorian-style Disney Deluxe Villa Resort.”  It is “… [i]nspired by the late-1800s New York retreat Saratoga Springs” which was “[f]amous for its horse-racing and amazing spas.”

Welcome to the "Springs"!

Welcome to the “Springs”!

Now, back to All in WDW “business”.  Did you think that I had forgotten about yesterday’s trivia question?  No, I haven’t.  When it comes to the five “sections” of the Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa, they are named:

  • Congress Park
  • The Springs
  • The Paddock
  • The Carousel
  • The Grandstand

When I wrote the question, I was, naturally, thinking about horse-racing.  The Kentucky Derby came to mind.  So, I made up “The Derby” as one of the four responses.  If you guessed that one as the “fake” section, and most of you did, then congratulations!  You out-smarted me again!

Next time, we’ll move down (up?) the river to Disney’s Old Key West Resort for one last trivia challenge.  Until then, please enjoy these shots, courtesy of The Unofficial Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa Website.  Hey, pay them a visit!  Learn more about the “Springs”!

A lovely water view!

A lovely water view!



A View from The Paddock!

A View from The Paddock!

A shot from Downtown Disney.

A shot from Downtown Disney.

We hope you enjoyed your stay!

We hope you enjoyed your stay!

Dining Recon: Whispering Canyon Cafe

Pardon this little interruption, folks. I promise we’ll get back to Food & Wine tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ll leave yesterday’s poll open. How many times have you been to “the festival of all festivals”?

I’m hungry. I just have to stop off at Wilderness Lodge for lunch. Do you guys like BBQ? We had heard all about it on the podcasts. We read the reviews. But, for whatever reason, we had never made the time to go over and visit.

Click your way over to Kingdom Magic Vacations’ Blog to see the pictures and read the details. Join Mrs. All in WDW and I for lunch at Whispering Canyon Cafe!

Bon appetit!

Whispering Canyon!

A Boat Ride to Roaring Fork

Wow, it has been an exhausting day in the Magic Kingdom, my friends!

I think it’s time to head back to the resort, “kick back”, and relax.  So, let’s trudge to the front of the park and hop onto the launch.

Oh, and, by the way, once we get to the Wilderness Lodge, we’ll stop in at …

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Skewered by ‘Ohana!

‘Ohana has done it again!

Five months ago, the Polynesian Resort’s “meat-fest” bested quite a cast of competitors to become the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Buffet/Family Style Restaurant. Now, in our most controversial poll to date, it has been crowned “champion” one more time – our Favorite Monorail Loop Restaurant.

Is ‘Ohana the best restaurant in Walt Disney World?  I think most of us – the fans that participated in this week’s voting – would agree that …

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