What a Smokin’ Showdown! What’s your vote?!

Good morning, all!  We received an interesting question in response to yesterday’s Gaston’s Tavern post.

Did you catch that “Dining Recon”, by the way?  If not, please stop back and take a look!  You know you want to see the pictures, at least.  Yes?

Mmmm.  Pork Shank!  Oh, OK.  Here’s the pork …


Look back at yesterday’s piece to see the Cinammon Roll (er, loaf)!

Anyway, one of All in WDW’s dear Facebook friends asked, “I have never had the turkey leg or the pork shank.  Is there a similarity, or are they completely different?”

I’m not a big fan of turkey, so I offered up Mrs. All in WDW’s review …

“They’re completely different, but Pork Shank, hands down!”  She’d even add that the Pork Shank is both more tender and moist.

Everyone has a preference, eh?  Of course, that led me to wonder … which would YOU prefer?  Well, which?

Cast your VOTE, this morning, my friends!  Turkey or pork?  You choose!

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