No Love For Turkey Legs?!

Or, is it no love for smoked meats?  About a day into our “smokin’ poll”, this comment, from one of our friends on Twitter, was quite an indictment …

“How can eight people vote ‘Neither’?!”

Actually, when all was finished, 33% of you elected to decline either “snack”.  I have to tell you, I threw the option, “Neither”, in at the last minute.  I never expected it to be so “popular”!

In the end, however, Gaston Tavern’s Pork Shank ruled the day(s) with 45% of your support.  Turkey legs never had a chance.


Although Gaston earned my vote as well, I’m a bit surprised by the outcome. First, WDW’s turkey legs live in infamy! They have their own t-shirts, for Pete’s sake!

Second, they can be found in every park. I was expecting the leg’s greater availability to plain out-number the pork’s popularity.

I think our WDW Main Street friend, Dennis Conroy, summed it up best … “The Pork Shank blows the Turkey Leg out of the water!”

Yes, Dennis. We all agree. It certainly does!

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