The 2016 All in WDW Food & Wine Pre-Festival Top 20 – Part 2!

Welcome back, everyone!  Welcome back to All in WDW’s Food & Wine Week … 2016!  Did you catch the bottom half of All in WDW’s Food & Wine Pre-Festival Top 20?  No?  Then, check it out here!

Naturally, yesterday’s “11 to 20” must also have a Top 10, yes?  Of course!

Unlike that group, however, where eight of the dishes we discussed were Festival “rookies”, today’s Top 10 is loaded with eight “veterans”.  An interesting little twist, that is.

Well, let’s go!  Here are my Top 10 targets!

10. Roasted Verlasso Salmon – Patagonia

You like seafood?  Then, this dish is an absolute must do!


Prepared perfectly, Epcot serves a very generous portion of salmon.  And, I never thought I’d say this, but … I guess I like Quinoa Salad.

9. Grilled Beef Skewer with Chimichurri Sauce – Patagonia

I have to admit it … I’ve had a bit of a hot-cold relationship with this particular item.

In 2011, the skewer was uninspiring as the beef was overdone.  As a result, I banished the dish from my menu for two years.

Patagonia's Grilled Beef Skewer

In 2014, with its second chance in-hand, it delivered a phenomenal culinary experience.  An orchestra of flavors.  2015 was much the same.

Which one shows up this year?  I guess we’ll see.

8. “Le Cellier” Beef Filet Mignon – Canada

One of our Readers’ said it quite well in commenting, “I just want to say something about the … filet.

The last time I had this, and there’s a reason it was the last time, [i]t was cooked medium-well.  [A]nybody … knows that pretty much wrecks beef tenderloin.”

Canada's celebrated filet!

Myself, I feel the same way about the filet.  Its preparation is too inconsistent.  The problem is that the chefs are cooking so many of them at the same time that it’s impossible for them to cook it to order.

Then, if they cooked everything to a medium-rare, for instance, another group of Guests would be unhappy.

Having said that, if you do try it, tell the server that you want it prepared to a certain temperature when you hand them your receipt.  Maybe they’ll hook you up?

7. Battered Shrimp Taco – Mexico

Always an underestimated dish.  Always a “star”.  That just about covers it, my friends.


It has never won the Festival for me, but this item is always a part of my menu.  Plain and simple, it’s just that good.

6. Beer-braised Beef with Smoked Gouda Mashed Potatoes – Belgium

Throughout the Readers’ Top 20 voting process, Belgium’s braised beef received an overwhelming amount of your support.  It finished as your top vote-getter, in fact.

I tend to agree with you.  Beer-braised?  Gouda mashed potatoes?  This one has to be good.  Truthfully, I’m hoping it ends up contending for the “title”!

5. Smoked Beef Brisket and Pimento Cheese – Hops & Barley

If the aforementioned Belgian braised beef doesn’t win All in WDW’s 2016 “championship”, then maybe this “rookie” dish will.

It contains two of my favorite things – brisket and pimento cheese.  I can’t wait to dive into it!

4. Kalua Pork Slider – Hawai’i

A two-time former champion, Hawaii’s slider is always fantastic, and it annually challenges for the “gold”.


Economically priced, as well, I’d highly recommend you add it to your menu.  Oh!  Ask your server for extra spicy mayo.  Simply delicious!

3. Buttered Chicken – Africa

If you haven’t been to Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Sanaa, you have to experience this Food & Wine masterpiece.

Africa's Buttered Chicken

A well-known dish, its chicken is pleasantly drowned in a mildly spiced curry sauce.  Folks, Africa’s Buttered Chicken tastes phenomenal!

2. Crispy Pork Belly – Brazil

In 2015, this item was a big winner!  The pork was crispy, yet tender.  We absolutely loved the black beans.


My friends, the flavors delivered by this Brazilian creation are utterly fantastic!  This dish is a definite “must have”!

1. Lamb Meatball – New Zealand

I have said it before.  I’ll say it again!  To be the “champ”, you have to beat the two-time “champ”.  Look, I know that lamb isn’t everyone’s thing, but I highly recommend this meatball.


First, it’s typically cooked perfectly.  Second, its spicy chutney (ask for extra!) provides the perfect amounts of “heat” and sweet.  Simply irresistible!

That’s it, everyone!  Food & Wine is upon us!  Stop back tomorrow!  With luck, fabulous food pics will start flowing your way!  Bon appetit, all!

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