They’ve Changed Epcot’s “Infamous” Food & Wine Festival Passport!

As I cruised through Food & Wine last week, one of our Readers asked me a great question.  They wondered if Epcot is giving out their “infamous” Festival Passports again this year and, also, are they still providing ‘stamps’ at each booth?

For those of you who don’t know, Epcot offers a free booklet – er, passport – so that Guests can commemorate their campaigns through Food & Wine’s plethora of Marketplaces.

Listing all of the Festival events, booths, menu items, etc., it is a handy little “tool”.  It’s most popular attribute, however, is its need to be “stamped” … like a passport!

In other words, as you approached a cash register to order food or drink, you had to ask a Cast Member to stamp your passport with that Marketplace’s “symbol”.

Except … that’s not what you do anymore!  Now, the Festival’s passport comes complete with pages of stickers!

It’s a “do-it-yourself” system, folks.  You visit a booth?   Add the sticker to your passport!

Veteran Festival-goers will appreciate the fact that Guests aimed at acquiring “stamps”, only, won’t cut in front of you to do so when you, yourself, are trying to order food.  Great idea, Epcot!


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