Food & Wine ’17 “Flash Report”: Lamington – Australia

No, my friends.  We did not abandon entrées for sugary sweets.  Remember our “Top 10 Rules for Successfully Conquering Food & Wine!”?

Rule #5:  Share a table!  If someone asks to share your table, by all means, say ‘yes’.  It might be you looking for a place to dine next time!

Hey, they may also let you snap a picture or two of their coconut-laden Australian dessert!  Not my kind of thing – coconut – it still photos well.  Bon appetit!

Food & Wine ’17 “Flash Report”: Kalua Pork Slider – Hawai’i

Incredibly, Hawaii’s slider was lackluster in our first sampling.  The pork was phenomenally tender, as usual, but the dish’s accompanying mayo lacked its traditional ‘zing’.

This item is the defending festival “champion”, my friends, so we’ll have to give it one more shot … in spite of its dollop of seemingly ‘not-so’ spicy mayo.  Step up the heat, Hawaii!

Food & Wine ’17 “Flash Report”: Grilled Lamb T-Bone – Australia

Mrs. All in WDW and I found a way to push Flavors from Fire’s Roasted Pork Wings into our final Top 20.

How?  We sampled Australia’s new lamb recipe.  Tough, hard to cut, and horrible.  Plain and simple … PASS!

Food & Wine ’17 “Flash Report”: Lamb Meatball – New Zealand

There you are, my beloved meatball!  The meatball, itself, as usual, was perfect!  The bread bowl was good.

Having said that, I felt that the chutney, like last year, delivered a bit too much sweetness.  Spice it up, New Zealand!