All in WDW’s Top 10 “Rules” for Successfully Conquering Food & Wine!

Good morning, my friends!  What “rules” do Mrs. All in WDW and I try to follow when we “take on” Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival!  Let’s take a look!

Rule #1:  And, this is very important … hydrate.  Drink lots of water.  It is HOT out there – especially when you’re standing in long lines!

Note: Mrs. All in WDW would tell you that this is my “favorite” rule to break.

Rule #2:  Use sunblock!  In the past, I’ve gotten terribly sunburned at Epcot’s “party”.  After adding sunblock to my repertoire, I felt smarter and was much happier.

Rule #3:  The companion to Rule #2.  Seek shade at every opportunity!

Rule #4:  If you’re in a party of two or more, one of you stand in line for food and one of you seek a table.

Hey, in these crowds, places to eat are hard to find!  Mrs. All in WDW and I have a system.  She grabs the table, and I grab the “grub”.

Rule #5:  Share a table!  If someone asks to share your table, by all means, say ‘yes’.  It might be you looking for a place to dine next time!

Rule #6:  Hit the festival at “rope drop”.  Be there right at 11:00 AM, right when World Showcase opens.

In fact, make Food & Wine your “lunch”!  You’ll avoid long lines.  Sometimes, you’ll even get to enjoy an early opening!

Rule #7:  Decide on a budget and load it onto a gift card.  When you start going from booth-to-booth, the dollars can disappear quickly!

Rule #8:  Don’t try to eat and drink everything.  You’ll “burst” … and be “broke”!

Rule #9:  Follow All in WDW!  We’ll supply you with “target menus”, pictures, and reviews.  This way, you won’t have to break Rule #8.

Rule #10:  Everyone’s tastes are different.  This rule is actually my favorite.  It’s also the reason I love Epcot’s food-fest.

Yes, everyone’s tastes are different, and I love the conversation that this fact generates.  Just keep in mind – there are no wrong choices.  There are just different choices!

In the end, what items we want to try, and which dishes that we enjoy, are all based on personal taste!  Bon appetit, folks.  The feast is about to begin!

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