It’s a Sensational Saturday to Savor Food & Wine! VOTE!

Happy weekend, my friends!  You know, when I think about the fact that in less than four short weeks, we’ll be in World Showcase sampling Epcot’s savory delights, I’m overcome with excitement.

I mean, there’ll be lamb meatballs, pork sliders, brisket, salmon, scallops, and much, much more!  Personally, I cannot wait!  This truly is the biggest Disney-related time of the year for the All in WDW clan.

Enough about us, however.  Let’s get back to you and your menu.  Like yesterday, please select as many as five (5) items from the list below!  The Top 5 vote-getters will move forward into Round #2!

Oh, and as for yesterday, if you missed that poll, please stop back and make your selections!  Your votes count!  Find it at …

Sharpen Your Knives! Pick Up Your Forks! It’s time to VOTE!

Now!  On to today!  We’re nearing the 1st Round’s conclusion, folks.  Keep up the great work and VOTE!

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