Sharpen Your Knives! Pick Up Your Forks! It’s time to VOTE!

Howdy, folks!  Welcome back to another Friday “feast”!  Like the title says, sharpen your knives, and pick up your forks.  It’s time to eat!

Before we dine, however, have you caught our latest weekly news show?  No?  Well, these very same Food & Wine polls got quite a bit of air time this past Sunday.  Listen to all of our banter at …

Episode #381 – Our Weekly News!

Now, after completing two successive weekends of voting, you already know the task we have at hand.  Select as many as five (5) items from the list below!

The Wine & Dine Studio’s Seared Scallop

The Top 5 dishes from today’s voting will move forward in the “competition”.  They’ll join the 30 items that have already gained entry into Round #2 (click this link to see THAT “menu” of terrific dishes!).

So, what are you waiting for, my friends?  Go ahead and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

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