So, What About You?

Before we get down to constructing the All in WDW Pre-Festival Top 25, it occurred to me that I have spent a whole bunch of time rambling about my Food & Wine exploits.

That led me to think … what about you?  What are some of your stories?  Have you gone to Food & Wine?  How many times?  What did you like?  What did you not?  What are you looking forward to in 2013?

Tell us about your Food & Wine “shenanigans”.  Leave a comment on this post or in the All in WDW Facebook group.  In the meantime, here’s a quick poll.

Don’t forget to leave those comments, my friends!  Let’s start a conversation!  After all, what better thing is there to talk about than the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival?

Food & Wine!

5 thoughts on “So, What About You?

  1. I experienced the F&W Festival for the first time last year – LOVED it!! I can list so many “favorites” about the fest, but one specific memory stands out. My children are adventurous “foodies” so we’d reviewed ALL options before going and they had tabbed their “must try’s”. One item of extreme excitement for them was their first taste of Escargots … so our first day in World Showcase, we headed to France and grabbed an order to share. Standing by the canal, we divided up the dish so we each could have a portion … handling it much like a “toast”, we tapped the morsels together and indulged … each of their faces lit up and they exclaimed “We LOVE snails!!”

  2. We visited the F&W fest for the first time last year … what a BLAST!!
    My children are blooming “foodies” and couldn’t wait to get their first taste of escargots … we went to epcot our first day and beelined for France as World Showcase was opening … standing by the canal with our order, we handled it “toast” style, tapping together our morsels before indulging. One-by-one their faces lit up and my daughter (the “pickiest” of the bunch) proclaimed, “Wow, we LOVE snails!!”

  3. Went to F&W in 2004 with my husband! A long time ago. Did Party for the Senses and a couple of other special events (Sweet Sundays and one other one). I can still see my reviews on another popular Disney site. It was a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to going back this year. Doing Party for the Senses (costs A LOT more now) and three culinary demos. Can’t wait for 10/23!

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