Flying Fish Wins!

I am dying for some red snapper!  But, not just any red snapper – I am craving the potato-wrapped red snapper from the Boardwalk’s Flying Fish Cafe.  I have been for quite some time.  How can’t you be?  Just take a look, courtesy of Disney Insider.


Of the restaurant’s that we voted into our just-concluded Crescent Lake “Final Four”, the only one that Mrs. All in WDW and I haven’t been to is …

… the Flying Fish.  Having said that, I’m hoping to talk her into stopping in there for dinner on our next trip to The World.  Evidently, according to the results of this vote, it is an unquestioned “must-do”.

Hey, here’s a tip for you!  Also courtesy of Disney Insider, the recipe!

Potato-Wrapped Red Snapper with Creamy Leek Fondue and Red Wine Reduction

Congratulations, Flying Fish!  You are the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Crescent Lake Table Service Restaurant!

One last thing … I need your help, folks!  Leave a comment on this post – what can you tell me about Flying Fish that will help me convince Mrs. All in WDW that we just have to go there?  Is it the red snapper?


6 thoughts on “Flying Fish Wins!

  1. Thanks, Jym! Outstanding review!! Thanks for the tip re the chef counter. I had planned on asking to sit there, but now I know what spots to request. Let me ask you – do you have to call in advance to secure a position at the counter? Will they take a reservation for those two particular spots?

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