Four Parks, One World? Four Parks, ONE Day!

In case you missed all of last Saturday’s “shenanigans”.  Here it is … all in ONE place.

We woke up with a challenge on our minds.  We had never tried to tackle all four WDW parks in one day.

So, we sketched out a very loosely-defined plan and took off for the TTC.  A tram ride from the Simba section and a shivering journey on a ferry later, we were in “The Kingdom”!

Here are those links …

The only thing we haven’t shared, as yet, is our “brunch” at Gaston’s Tavern.  That will come soon.  It was our first visit … other than a serving of LeFou’s Brew some time ago.

After we returned from “orbit”, it was time to …

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“Four Park” Flash Report! – Dinosaur Hunters

Bingo! Bullseye! Four parks? ONE day! Boom!

It all ended with a dash to …


… because we had Dinosaur on our minds. Yes, Dinosaur.

You see, as we made our way to Animal Kingdom, we realized that we hadn’t taken a chance to enjoy that attraction for years!



After we captured our “prey”, what was next? Well, with a four park “victory” in hand, we felt it was time to celebrate. We stopped by …


… and enjoyed a Safari Amber in a take-home commemorative glass!


Four Parks, One World. Four Parks, ONE Day. Done!

“Four Park” Flash Report! – What a “Dog”!

Now, me? I passed on the cupcake and went for something more savory.

Let me introduce you to a Mac ‘n Cheese Hot Dog!


Found at Fairfax Fare …


… it was very tasty but just a bit sloppy. A nice bite!

Not into “dogs”? Plenty more to choose from!