No Love For Turkey Legs?!

Or, is it no love for smoked meats?  About a day into our “smokin’ poll”, this comment, from one of our friends on Twitter, was quite an indictment …

“How can eight people vote ‘Neither’?!”

Actually, when all was finished, 33% of you elected to decline either “snack”.  I have to tell you, I threw the option, “Neither”, in at the last minute.  I never expected it to be so “popular”!

In the end, however, Gaston Tavern’s Pork Shank ruled the day(s) with 45% of your support.  Turkey legs never had a chance.


Although Gaston earned my vote as well, I’m a bit surprised by the outcome. First, WDW’s turkey legs live in infamy! They have their own t-shirts, for Pete’s sake!

Second, they can be found in every park. I was expecting the leg’s greater availability to plain out-number the pork’s popularity.

I think our WDW Main Street friend, Dennis Conroy, summed it up best … “The Pork Shank blows the Turkey Leg out of the water!”

Yes, Dennis. We all agree. It certainly does!

What a Smokin’ Showdown! What’s your vote?!

Good morning, all!  We received an interesting question in response to yesterday’s Gaston’s Tavern post.

Did you catch that “Dining Recon”, by the way?  If not, please stop back and take a look!  You know you want to see the pictures, at least.  Yes?

Mmmm.  Pork Shank!  Oh, OK.  Here’s the pork …


Look back at yesterday’s piece to see the Cinammon Roll (er, loaf)!

Anyway, one of All in WDW’s dear Facebook friends asked, “I have never had the turkey leg or the pork shank.  Is there a similarity, or are they completely different?”

I’m not a big fan of turkey, so I offered up Mrs. All in WDW’s review …

“They’re completely different, but Pork Shank, hands down!”  She’d even add that the Pork Shank is both more tender and moist.

Everyone has a preference, eh?  Of course, that led me to wonder … which would YOU prefer?  Well, which?

Cast your VOTE, this morning, my friends!  Turkey or pork?  You choose!

Dining Recon: Gaston’s Tavern

I have owed you this one for quite a while now.

Do you remember the whirlwind four-park dash through Walt Disney World that Mrs. All in WDW and I scored a month or so ago?  No?  Click here for a reminder.

Anyway, that morning, we paid our very-first visit to Gaston’s Tavern.


We were in the Magic Kingdom, and, although we had Gaston’s infamous Roasted Pork Shank on our minds, we ended up with, what amounted to, a full brunch!

What a popular place!  Gaston must be “cleaning up”!  He’ll be buying the Beast’s castle with all this revenue flowing in!  The line was out the door!


And, the counter was packed, as a result!


It was difficult to squeeze in for a decent shot of the menu.


There’s that pork shank!  Of course, their Warm Cinnamon Roll caught our eye as well.  Hence, this turning into a late-morning brunch!

We ended up sitting at an umbrella table outside, but, with two “dining rooms”, Gaston’s has a deceivingly roomy interior.  This is the seating area to the left of the counter.


Pick the dining room to the right, however.  It is the most decorative of the two.


But, what about the “stars” of this little post?  How was the pork shank?  Was it worth $9.79?


You bet it was!  Moist, flavorful, tasty, delicious, it’s perfect for sharing … or, not!  We loved it!

Of course, then there was dessert.  Or, was it breakfast?  Either way, Gaston’s cinnamon “loaf” – er, roll – was utterly phenomenal!


Again, perfect for sharing.  Unless, of course, its sugary, cinammon-y yumminess throws you into a fit of greediness!

It was our first real visit to Gaston’s Tavern, my friends, and I have to confess … we’ve already been back once since then.  Great “pub”, Gaston.  You rock!




MERRY CHRISTMAS, My Friends! It’s a “Jingle” Cruise into the Jungle!

Merry Christmas from All in WDW, my friends!  We sincerely hope you have a fun, but very safe, day filled with family, friends, peace, and joy!

I mentioned this on a WDW Main Street Podcast a few weeks back …

I just can’t get over how well Disney’s Cast Members have “dolled up” – or, should I say “re-themed” – the Magic Kingdom’s Jungle Cruise for the holidays!  Even the “script” includes a holiday flair!

So, in the same spirit, I present you with the J[i]ngle Cruise!  Have a great Christmas, everyone!