Enjoy “The Herd’s” Leisurely Stroll!

All of that deluxe resort voting we labored through earlier this week reminded me of a trip that Mrs. All in WDW and I took to Sanaa back in January.

Why?  Well, as we voted, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge kept coming back up as a topic.  The more we discussed that well-themed resort, the more I kept thinking about its wonderful display of giraffes and zebras.

A graceful beast!

A graceful beast!

Then, I remembered that visit to Kidani Village.  As we waited for our our table, we took in the sights from the Community Hall balcony overlooking the resort’s Sunset Savanna.

Sometimes it pays off to be in the right place at the right time.  There, we witnessed the ever-graceful march of a small herd of giraffes.  Yes, a “herd”.  Well, we can call three giraffes walking in tandem a “herd”, can’t we?

If you have a brief minute, please enjoy “The Herd’s” leisurely stroll on All in WDW TV!

While you’re there, check out these “favorites”!

Enjoying Epcot’s Fountains

Journey to International Gateway!

Soarin’ over “The World”!

Mulch, Sweat n’ Shears – “Live” in Concert!

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