The Famous Candlelight Processional!

While we’re in the “Epcot holiday” spirit, I thought we’d stick around to pick out one more “favorite”.

Oh, by the way, I left yesterday’s poll open. It has been a busy week … with turkey-feasts and Friday shopping sprees and all.  Plus, there are still 25 days until Christmas.  There’s no reason to rush ourselves to a conclusion. Besides, I wanted to give those of you who haven’t had the time yet a chance to vote!  Who is YOUR favorite Epcot Holiday storyteller?!  Vote HERE!

In the meantime, let’s address World Showcase’s centerpiece event – the famous Candlelight Processional.  Have you ever been?

Candlelight Processional

A holiday event held nightly at the America Gardens Theatre, this attraction entertains thousands with …

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Return of the Holiday Storytellers!

A few days ago, Shawn Slater of Disney Parks Blog pointed out that the holidays return to Epcot’s World Showcase today – November 29th. Or, should I say that he reported that the “Holidays Around the World” begin today?

I would venture to guess that many of us have enjoyed some aspect of Epcot’s tribute to the holidays at one point or another. For instance, have you witnessed World Showcase’s centerpiece event – Candlelight Processional?

Having said this, I would also bet that a lot of us have neglected the opportunity to watch the Epcot Holiday Storytellers tell their tales.  Who are the Epcot Holiday Storytellers?

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Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Whether you celebrate today or not, please allow Mrs. All in WDW and I to extend our most sincere thanks and wishes to you … the fine people that make up “The World of All in WDW”!

The last year has been an absolute blast – for both my wife and myself.  We’ve done SO much.  Made so many new friends.  Experienced so much of Disney’s magic.  It’s hard to put in words how we feel.  And, there are so many of you to thank!

WDW Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for the family, friends, health, prosperity, and happiness that has been bestowed upon us, but we’re also thankful for YOU.  To ALL of you who have faithfully followed our posts on a daily basis, and to all of those around the Disney “world” that have yet to find us, Happy Thanksgiving!

Grabbing a Cup of Disney’s “Joe”!

You’re either a fan of Disney coffee … or you aren’t.  For instance, Mrs. All in WDW is quite a coffee connoisseur.  I can report, emphatically, that she is NOT a fan of Walt Disney World coffee.

Oh, there are some exceptions.  For example, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort’s Pepper Market coffee window has shown the ability to meet her lofty expectations.  For the most part, however, in my lovely wife’s mind, Disney’s coffee scores a …

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Dining Recon: The Wave

A week or so ago, I mentioned that I really need to catch up on some dining “stuff”.  To be truthful, my friends, my desk at All in WDW HQ is piled up with “Dining Recons”!

For instance, earlier this year, Mrs. All in WDW and I visited The Wave … of American Flavors for the very-first time.  After an early-morning visit to the Magic Kingdom, we walked over to Disney’s Contemporary Resort and stopped in for lunch.

Welcome to The Wave!

Welcome to The Wave!

Enter the "tunnel"!

Enter the “tunnel”!

I told you it was a tunnel!

I told you it was a tunnel!

As you walk in, you can catch a preview of the menu.

As you walk in, you can catch a preview of the menu.

Once inside, you can choose to visit The Wave Lounge.  It is open from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM and serves a collection of appetizers. Among them, you can enjoy either a Buffalo Mozzarella or Grass-Fed Beef Burger Flatbread.  In addition, for a ‘lighter’ bite, try their …

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