Let the “Sun-Shine” in!

Yes, let the “Sun-Shine” in … into the world of  “All in WDW” and onto our “Reader’s List of Favorites”.  Was there ever a doubt?

I mentioned it yesterday.  Location.  Location.  Location.  Masses of people run in and out of The Land pavilion on a daily basis.  When you add in the fact that Sunshine Seasons boasts one of the most impressive varieties of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options in WDW, it becomes apparent.  This popular eatery was as close to a “shoe-in” as you can get.  A resounding victory in this “tourney” suggests that you agree.

Meanwhile, the …

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Still Eating Epcot – The Finale

We’re almost there, my friends!  Only one more day of voting, so don’t let the beginning of the work-week distract you.  You know you want your Monday Disney “fix”, so vote, vote, vote!  Tell your friends!

I have to admit … I expected 3/4 of this Final Four from the beginning.  Maybe you did as well.  For instance, in pretty much every quick service-related conversation you hear, Sunshine Seasons heads quickly to the top of, pretty much, everyone’s list.  And, look at it this way … where does everyone go as soon as Epcot opens?  Yes, The Land pavilion.  Whether it’s before or after riding Soarin’ – or while you’re waiting for a FastPass to go live – Sunshine Seasons is a prime area to wait, rest, and have breakfast or lunch.  It is right in the most trafficked zone of the park!  Plus, we haven’t even mentioned its biggest strength – a massive variety of …

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Still Eating Epcot – Round 2

Look at them funnel cakes!  Wow!

Two little stories … first, our family’s favorite Epcot funnel cake story happened many years ago when our son was young.  We were walking around the World Showcase promenade.  As, we passed the funnel cake “hut” – you know the one – we fell under the spell of the heavenly scent of deep-fried waffle dough.


It was irresistible, and we easily fell prey to its allure.  The funny part, however, was our inability to resist the …

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Still Eating Epcot – Round 1

I think you can always tell when I’ve recently been to The World.  I come back with a huge pile of pictures and a brain-full of thoughts that I want to share with you.  Well, I still have more of those, but, for this weekend, I thought it might be a good idea to give you all a break.  Instead, let’s have a little bit of fun.

You might not remember, but a few weeks ago, as I kicked off …

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Dining Recon: Kona Island Sushi(?) Bar

Calling all WDW fans – either on property or, better yet, staying at the Poly!  I have a special assignment for you … if you choose to accept it!

Last Thursday, after our meeting with Rick Howard and John Donahue,  Mrs. All in WDW and I dodged out of Epcot and fought our way over to Disney’s Polynesian Resort in a late-day, Florida rainstorm.  Our destination?  We were aimed straight at one of our favorite “watering holes” – Tambu Lounge.

Hello, Tambu!

Hello, Tambu!

Sadly, we hit Tambu right at “rush hour” … er, the hour before ‘Ohana opens.  What I mean by this is that in the hour before ‘Ohana opens, everyone in The World congregates in and around the …

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