“They” Are The Champions!

“They” are the champions, my friends … and, “they kept” on fighting ’til the end.  “They” are the champions!  “They” are the champions  … of “The World”!

What … a  … battle!

Mrs. All in WDW, our son and his fiancee’, and I went to see “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” last night.  In the end, it might have been more entertaining to keep watching our finale unfold.

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  Good movie … but, at about 5 PM last night, only two votes (TWO!) separated the Top 3 resorts!  In the end, our winner finally broke away from the pack and defended their title.

Yes, my friends.  “They” are the champions, and “they” are the Poly!  But, was it an easy victory?  No, by no means was it a runaway.

The Poly's theming leads it to victory again!  But, was it easy?

The Poly’s theming leads it to victory again! But, was it easy?

In 2012, with 60.4% of the finale vote, Disney’s Polynesian Resort utterly destroyed its competition.  This year, it was a much, much different story.  Only eight votes kept our #2 vacation destination – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – from dethroning “the champ”!

  1. Disney’s Polynesian Resort – 34.48%
  2. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – 25.29%
  3. Disney’s Beach Club Resort – 22.99%
  4. Disney’s BoardWalk Villas – 17.24%

Long live the Poly!  You have done it again.  You are still the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite WDW Deluxe Resort!

Now, before I cruise out of here for the day, I have to ask you … why do you think the Poly had to fight harder to win this year?  Leave a comment with your thoughts either here or on Facebook or Twitter!  What’s your opinion?

3 thoughts on ““They” Are The Champions!

  1. I have stayed at the Polynesian and can understand why it keeps winning! But the Animal Kingdom offers some amazing views and close-ups with the animals, so I can understand why it would be a close second. I haven’t stayed there yet, but if I do stay on-site next time it will probably be to try out the Animal Kingdom resorts. 🙂

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