Can We Have Dessert for Breakfast? “Food” & Garden Continues!

Uh, actually, I’m very sorry, but no.  You can’t.

2013's Watermelon Salad

2013’s Watermelon Salad

Oh, all right.  How can I say ‘no’ to you guys?!  How can I deny you the experience of digging into Disney’s best, delectable, sugary, bits of tastiness?

Do me a favor.  Finish up the last of the entree’s first, and we’ll take our first look at the desserts!  OK?

Oh, wait!  Did you make your choices in the four polls yesterday?  No?  Then, do not proceed past ‘Go’.  Do not collect … oh, just go back to these links!

“Food” & Garden Poll #1

“Food” & Garden Polls #2 and 3

“Food” & Garden Poll #4

OK.  Now, you’re set!  Here are the last five “entrees”.  Put them through their “first round” paces, will ya’?!  What looks good, folks!  Remember.  You can choose TWO!

Now, let’s talk about “piggy” cupcakes.  Doesn’t everything taste better with bacon?

There are two groups below.  They include all of “Food” & Garden’s desserts.  Vote for the THREE that you want from each group.  Six votes in total!  Enjoy!

Next polls come tomorrow, my friends.  We’ll be back to take another look through the entrees!  Pass the word!  Get your friends to vote!

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