Don’t miss the fun! All in WDW Talks Food & Wine ’14!

Do you have a lot of errands to run today?  Will you spend the day driving around from place to place?  Banks.  Stores.  Restaurants.  Oh, my!

How about household chores?  Are you heading for a Saturday filled with mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds, or washing the car?  Need entertained?

Better yet, are you going to take a long road trip today?  Do you have hours-and-hours of silence to fill?

Well, whatever you’re doing, or where ever you’re going, you NEED something good to listen to on your iPod!  You absolutely do!

So saunter on over to the WDW Magical Main Street Memories Podcast by clicking this link!  It’s All in WDW Talking Food & Wine!

Dennis Conroy and All in WDW joined up at "Food"  Garden 14.  Listen to us reconnect as we chat about Food  Wine with Dennis partner, Doug Davis!

Dennis Conroy and I joined up at “Food” & Garden ’14.  Listen to us reconnect as we chat about Epcot’s upcoming Food & Wine festival with Dennis’ podcast partner Doug Davis!

I want to thank Doug Davis and Dennis Conroy for inviting me to participate on this week’s show.  It was my first podcast in a long, long time, and it was a blast!

Hear us talk barstools and frozen margaritas!  Why does Doug love the Liberty Inn and lamb meatballs yet despise Rose & Crown’s bangers ‘n mash?

But, most of all, what do we think of Epcot’s 2014 Food & Wine marketplaces and menus?  To hear it all, listen to “It’s All in WDW Talks Food & Wine ’14!”

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