Where’s the Festival? It’s Round 2!

I was wondering if anyone would notice.  Well, it didn’t take long, that’s for sure.  Mere minutes after I posted Round 1 of this weekend’s “tournament”, I got this via Facebook:

“It looks like Festival of the Lion King is missing.”  Well, yes.  It is.

Later in the day, I received, “Where was the Lion King?”

DAK Festival

My answer?  “From wdwinfo.com: This show will move to an all-new theater in 2014 in the Africa section of the park. A new walkway will be built from Tusker House towards the new theater. This will make room for the Avatarland project to begin in the Festival of the Lion King’s current location.”

In short, the Lion King attraction is currently closed, so Disney has pulled it from its web site.  Therefore, it misses this year’s “tourney”.  Controversial, I know, but it’s out of the game, nonetheless.

In the meantime, sixteen attractions are …

… still up for a battle.  Which one of these will become the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Disney’s Animal Kingdom Attraction?  Why, only you know!

Four groups this time … the Top 2 in each survive.  Elect your “Exceptional Eight”, my friends.  Vote!  Vote!  VOTE!

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