The “Epic Epcot Eight”! No Easy Choices! Support Your Favorite!

Yes.  Support your favorites, my friends.  They really need you now!

We’ve wound ourselves down to our Top 8 Epcot attractions, and I have to tell you … there’s not an easy choice in either one of these groups.  In short, prepare yourself.  It’s going to be an excruciating selection.

To be as fair as possible, I sorted these “Epic Eight” by overall vote total for the entire “tournament”.  I, then, seeded them into groups as best as I could.  It was the only way for me to come close to defending myself from cries like, “Why did you put XX into the same group as YY?!”  Well, it was bound to happen eventually.

Like I said … there’s no easy choice here.  Hey, wait until tomorrow!  Then, we’ll be left with just four of these “darlings”.

By the way, keep in mind … those four will return in April to take on the Top 4 from the other three parks in our “World”-wide poll.  That’ll be a blast!

Oh, and, of course, these eight favorites make up 80% of the All in WDW Readers’ Top 10 Epcot Attractions!  Do you want a peak at attractions #9 and 10?

As always, based on overall vote totals for the entire competition, they are #9 – Turtle Talk With Crush and #10 – The Seas with Nemo & Friends®.


Interestingly, Mission: SPACE® and The Sum of All Thrills™ don’t even come close to the Top 10 … when you factor together all of the support they’ve received this week.  In fact, if you add both of their overall vote totals together, they would barely make this tournament’s Top 5!

Hmm.  How can two high-ticket, relatively new additions to the park be so under-appreciated when older stand-bys like Maelstrom and Living with the Land still draw us into their clutches?  Is there a message in there for you, Disney?

Everybody has their favorite.  Everyone is cheering for their beloved attraction to become the “ruler” of the entire Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.  Who will it be?  VOTE!  Support your favorite!

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