It’s Just a Hot Dog with Spicy Cole Slaw!

Hey, everyone!  We’re getting really good at getting our menus in sync!  When it comes to yesterday’s effort, for example, we ‘hit’ on five out of six dishes.  Only the Spinach and Paneer Cheese Pocket from Africa has failed to make my final “target list”.

The items that you selected as “safe” (for now) include:

  • Braised Beef Waffle – Belgium
  • Grilled Lamb Chop – Australia
  • Cheese Pocket – Africa
  • Crispy Pork Belly – Brazil
  • Tuna Poke – Hawaii
  • Seared Trout – Canada

You eliminated:

  • Kimchi Dog – South Korea
  • Trick’n Chick’n – Terra
  • Teriyaki Chicken Hand Roll – Japan
  • Vegetarian Haggis – Scotland

The only delicacy that I have included is (you guessed it) the South Korean Kimchi Dog with Spicy Mustard Sauce.  Remember, I got the chance to sample this gem at the Tables in Wonderland event in late July.   It rocked the event, in my opinion.  C’mon, admit it … you’d love a pile of these, wouldn’t ya’?!

Look at all them 'dogs'!

Look at all them ‘dogs’!

The slaw was so tasty that I even tried to replicate it upon our return to Atlanta.  It was a crude attempt, but, according to Mrs. All in WDW, it was quite tasty in its own right.

I started with a bag of cole slaw mix.  Then, I mixed in some apple cider vinegar as well as small doses of olive oil, salt, pepper, and sugar.  Finally, I added Sriracha hot sauce “to taste”.  Add a little bit at a time, though, so that you don’t ‘overdo’ the heat.

Bob's "Kimchi Slaw"?

Bob’s “Kimchi Slaw”?

In the end, we didn’t make “dogs”.  We made “Kimchi” Shrimp Tacos.

With a little extra Sriracha to "kick it up a notch"!

With a little extra Sriracha to “kick it up a notch”!

But, as a condiment, or as a side (which is how Mrs. All in WDW enjoyed it), my version of the slaw tasted pretty close to what I had in Disney.  Anyway, long story short, at 2013’s Food & Wine extravaganza, the South Korean Kimchi Dog with Spicy Mustard Sauce is, very much, worth the shot!

Friends, we’re going to take a few days off for the holiday.  It has been a long time since Mrs. All in WDW and I have been back to Cleveland to visit our parents, so, this weekend, we’re going to do just that and enjoy some ‘family time’.

We wish you a good Labor Day.  Enjoy your weekends!  And, hey, if you decide to grill some hot dogs, don’t forget to make a spicy slaw.  Put a healthy helping on top of that “dog” and enjoy!  You know you want to!

Bon appetit!

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