The Tower Terrorizes … Once Again!

There was a point yesterday where I thought we were headed towards the upset of the century.  Well, at least the surprise of December of 2013, that is.

You see, early on in our finale poll, Fantasmic! ran off to a healthy lead.  I was so shocked that it prompted me to Tweet, “Early voting takes a surprising direction.”  Why was it a surprise, you ask?  At the time, it had already received 19 votes.  By comparison, Fantasmic! only got 18 votes in the entire 3rd Round!

Soon enough, all three of the thrill rides kicked it into gear.  Then, finally, our defending champion streaked past Hollywood’s fireworks extravaganza on its way to a repeat title.  Yes, The Tower lives to Terrorize once again.

The "terrible" Tower reigns supreme!

The “terrible” Tower reigns supreme!

Do you know what the best part of this finale was?  Unlike in December of 2012, where it came down to a three-attraction thrill-ride battle, yesterday all four finalists staked a really strong claim to glory. What a war!

And, when it comes to Fantasmic!, despite this year’s finish, fans should really be pleased.  Why?  Last year, it mustered only 6 finale votes.  In 2013, after gaining 22 votes of support, it proved that it, too, belongs on top of the mountain.

So, what does 3rd or 4th place mean?  If you remember last year’s “tournaments”, the top finishers in our park-specific polls returned later to fight it out in a resort-wide poll to crown our overall favorite WDW attraction!  And, this year, that competition has been expanded to include the “Final Four” from each park.  In other words, Fantasmic! will live to fight another day!  As will Rock ‘n’ Roller and Toy Story!

At the end of this day, however, we have witnessed a truly hard-fought battle.  We agonized through days of very tough decisions.  But, we’ve handed “the gold” to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™.  It has, once again, been “elected” the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Disney’s Hollywood Studios Attraction!

Keep on delivering the terror to us, Tower!  We love ya’!

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