Pick Your Resort – The Results!

Nothing short of phenomenal. The last round of voting was so close that you would need a knife to separate the competing resorts. Or, how’s this? The resorts finished so close together that you would need a microscope to see the gap between them. OK, enough weak analogies. The votes were close. The winners of each group advance, so here are the results you’ve been waiting for, folks:

Group 1

140 votes

1 – Polynesian (76 votes)

2 – Animal Kingdom Lodge (35)

3 – Beach Club Villas (29)

Well, they were razor close except for Group 1 and the Poly, of course. For the second straight time, the Polynesian won in a runaway. Must be the Dole Whip! AKL and Beach Club Villas proved to be a bit stiffer competition, though. In Round #1, Poly caught 71.76% of the vote. This time, they snagged only 54.29%. Still, a great win.

Fun in the sun!

Fun in the sun!

I felt pretty good about making a choice in this category because we’ve stayed at Poly, AKL, and, although not at the villas, Beach Club. It was a tough choice, however. We enjoy Poly because of the theme, the monorail, Ohana, Kona Cafe, and Tambu Lounge. We like AKL because of the theme, Boma, and I love the animals. Finally, Beach Club holds a special sentimentality to our family, Epcot is our favorite park, we LOVE Cape May Cafe, and the Crescent Lake area is our favorite part of WDW. In the end, I picked AKL.

Group 2

137 votes

1 – Beach Club (55 votes)

2 – Wilderness Lodge (54)

3 – Contemporary (28)

I picked AKL in Group 1 because I knew my choice in Group 2 would be Beach Club. I listed the reasons above, but this place just holds too special a place in our family WDW history. Proving that I was right to grant them a pass back into the voting, Wilderness Lodge did an outstanding job of redeeming itself and almost took Beach Club out.

Group 3

133 votes

1 – Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village (48 votes)

2 – Grand Floridian (46)

3 – Bay Lake Tower (39)

In another tremendously close vote, Kidani Village edged out Grand Floridian by a hair. I was convinced that GF would run away with this one, but clearly underestimated Kidani’s appeal. Notwithstanding, my vote went to AKL. I just love those zebras and giraffes. It was a bit of a surprise to see the Contemporary Resort/Bay Lake duo fare so poorly in their respective groups. Hmm.

Thanks, again, everyone for your time in voting! The final round will be posted in a day or so.

2 thoughts on “Pick Your Resort – The Results!

  1. Hi, all. If the Group 1 poll isn’t showing up, I apologize. I can see it in the WordPress software, but not when I browse the site. I will have to look at it tonight after work.

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