“Flash Report”: BaseLine Tap House Opens for Business! Get Your First Look Here!

By Evan Chaisson

Good old Writer’s Stop has new life as its space has become BaseLine Tap House!  It opened today at 11 AM, folks, at Disney’s ever-transforming Hollywood Studios!

Of course, my wife and I are here giving it an initial try.  Let me give you a quick rundown …

The restaurant has a very upbeat atmosphere and a good vibe to it, I’d say.  There is plenty of seating … both indoors and outdoors.  For food, they simply serve snacks and small plates.

You have nine California beers to choose from, and they come in either a 16 ounce or 22 ounce pour.  You can also buy beer flights for which you get to choose any of four beers – a 5 ounce pour each.

They have a great selection, too!  The price points aren’t too bad, as a 22 ounce glass will run you $9.50.  A flight is $10.50.  Hey!  In addition, each beer comes with a card describing its taste.  An added little bonus, as it’s a piece of Disney swag you can take home with you!

I hope you enjoyed this sample of pics, everyone.  You sure do get a good flavor of what BaseLine has to offer!  We think this place is going to be pretty darn popular!

It’s Our Weekly Pub Crawl! Step into the Main Street Pub!

Howdy, folks!  Step into the pub … where the beverages are cold and the talk is all Disney!  What’s on tap?

Join John and Doug as they cover their favorite topic – all of the latest news from around Walt Disney World!

In addition, John shares details from his birthday celebration at the Poly.  How was his day in the Magic Kingdom?  He’ll fill us in!

Oh!  Plus, he chips in with a Food & Wine review or two!  Grab yourself a cold one, folks.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!  Find it at …

Episode #396 – Our Weekly News!

Dining Recon: The Market at Ale & Compass! [Tons of Food Pics!]

Breakfast, my friends!  It is time for breakfast!  Actually, speaking of “time”, once upon a time, finding a decent breakfast at Disney’s Yacht Club could present a bit of challenge.

Quite simply, it meant grabbing a snack-like “grab ‘n go” at the Ale & Compass Lounge, snagging a Table Service ADR at Captain’s Grille or, even, hiking all of the way over to Beach Club Marketplace at, well, Disney’s Beach Club Resort!

Well, those days are over, now, folks!  First, let me spill this … come mid-October (if you believe the two Cast Members that I asked), the Captain will retire in favor of the Yacht Club’s Ale & Compass Restaurant.  Stay tuned for its official opening!

In the meantime, you have to check out their new Quick Service – conveniently called The Market at Ale & Compass!  For instance, take a quick look at the layout and decor …

The side entrance takes you directly into Ale’s small seating area.

The main entrance takes you into what’s left of what used to be the Yacht Club’s gift shop.

The Quick Service, itself, is directly to the left of the main entrance.

The market offers “tons” of hot and cold sandwiches, salads, snacks, beverages, and ice creams!

Pre-made hot sandwiches are available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Check out the menus and breakfast display “models” …

Gourmet Oatmeal.

Veggie Egg Wrap.

Turkey, Egg, and Cheese.

Chicken Panini.

Italian Panini.

Ham & Cheese on a Pretzel Roll.

Vegetable Panini.

Anyway, what did I eat?  I sampled Ale’s Ham and Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich.  Sadly, although its egg and ham tasted fine, I found the pretzel roll to be a big disappointment.

The hot sandwiches can be found in Ale’s Hot Display Case.  Notice the plates underneath?  Grab one.

The top was rock hard as if it were old and stale.  The bottom was soggy … likely from the grease put forth by the ham during the cooking process.

Folks, I don’t want to discourage you from stopping by this great new spot.  Frankly, one poorly prepared sandwich does not make or break a restaurant.

My advice?  Try a panini for lunch or dinner.  Alternatively, grab one of their cold sandwiches or salads.  No matter which way you go – a meal or simply a snack – dining at Disney’s Yacht Club has just taken a huge upgrade!  Great job, Disney.  Way to go!

Ladies’ Night @ the WDW Main Street Pub!

Step into the WDW Main Street Pub, my friends, for a … not-so-run-of-the-mill experience!  It’s “lady’s night”, folks!  Hey!  You can’t miss this!  How often do we get “proof positive” that our compadre, Doug Davis, isn’t always right?

Pull up a chair and listen to Carmen, Judith, and Jen as they educate Doug and John on all things Walt Disney World.  What’re their favorite attractions, resorts, and restaurants?  Find it out by listening to …

Episode #395 – Ladies’ Night @ The Main Street Pub!

Dining Recon: Sanaa’s Indian-style Bread Service!

By Evan Chaisson

Let’s just say that I have been a lifelong Disney fan and had never before experienced Sanaa at Animal Kingdom’s Kidani Village.

In fact, it has taken me seven years to convince my wife to try this restaurant, folks.  We finally did, and the results were amazing!

First impressions?  Theming was outstanding, cleanliness was fantastic, and the service was impeccable!  Enough with the small talk, though, let’s get into the food!

When most people think of Sanaa, the first thing that comes to mind is the restaurant’s outstanding bread service.  All Disney fans know what that means … Indian-style Bread Service!

They do serve five types of bread and they range from those with no heat to some with a little bite.  They are …

  • Traditional Naan
  • Garlic-Ginger Naan
  • Spiced Naan
  • Onion Kucha
  • Paneer Paratha

You can choose one of them or you can pick all five!  We elected to go with one of each.

They also offer tons of dipping sauces … ranging from mild to extremely hot.  We had to sample them all!  They include …

  • Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
  • Mango Chutney
  • Tomato-Date Jam
  • Tamarind Chutney
  • Coriander Chuntey
  • Garlic Pickle
  • Red Chile Sambal
  • Spicy Jalapeño-Lime Pickle

My wife’s response after she enjoyed this feast?  “Why did you wait seven years to take me here?  I love it!  Can we come back”?  Oh, you bet we can!  That’s music to my Mickey ears!